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Trump: We need to start removing glands via other end
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  • Tonalt, the "opinion" topics are clearly noted, so you can easily avoid them if you desire. Not that I agree with VK all the time, but his take on things is usually interesting and not without humour. I have to say I enjoy hearing from all the international folks on this site. I learn a lot, and it's good for the soul.

  • I agree on vk.

    It's not your forum to demand anything, here you contribute.

  • Trump shouts. Gets traffic.

    Vitality shouts. Gets traffic.


  • original photo by Norman Rockwell modified by "The Ale Party" a satirical site.

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  • Doesn't it suck when you must uncontrollably click every single link on the topics list in P-V, even if it is one that you aren't interested in or find upsetting?

  • Last time I checked - site is called Personal-View , not coddle-someone-who-can’t-take-criticism-of-the-worst-US-President-and-his-moronic-approach-to-dictatorship-view.

  • Ummm.... the elephants needs to be addressed, and women are in a heap of denial... don't blame the newsboy:

    1. Fatherlessness
    2. Mothers/Teachers who "Legally" Approve Dosing Children

    63% of youth suicides are from fatherless homes 90% of all homeless and runaway children are from fatherless homes 85% of all children who show behavior disorders come from fatherless homes 80% of rapists with anger problems come from fatherless homes 71% of all high school dropouts come from fatherless homes 75% of all adolescent patients in chemical abuse centers come from fatherless homes 85% of all youths in prison come from fatherless homes

    Then and now dosing children is lucrative. “Children are known to be compliant patients and that makes them a highly desirable market for drugs,” says former Pharma rep Gwen Olsen, author of Confessions of an Rx Drug Pusher. “Children are forced by school personnel to take their drugs, they are forced by their parents to take their drugs, and they are forced by their doctors to take their drugs. So, children are the ideal patient-type because they represent refilled prescription compliance and ‘longevity.’ In other words, they will be lifelong patients and repeat customers for Pharma.”

    Any teacher who opposes protecting kids in taking mandatory gun training yet condones INJECTING/DOSING children... I question who the MONSTERS in the schools really are?

  • "Any teacher who opposes protecting kids in taking mandatory gun training yet condones INJECTING/DOSING children... I question who the MONSTERS in the schools really are?"

    That statement is so flat-out moronic it made me whimper. Frankly, I'm disappointed. Couldn't the Trumpista troll army send us someone with at least a grade school education?

  • Since NickBen raised medicine, we had a confident and photogenic doctor in the UK who came up with, and tried to push, a theory linking autism to the MMR vaccine. His analysis was found to be "dishonest" by the General Medical Council and as a result he was struck off the British Medical Register. Undeterred he left for the States where he was welcomed by Trump, a man who though reputably unable to read books, nevertheless has a habit of trying to second guess the scientific consensus (from his real estate salesman perspective). Perhaps it is just as well that Trump University was one of his great failures.

  • @sherwood

    I see your defense mechanism is to immediately attack me personally instead of providing solutions, or attempting to address overwhelming evidence with refuting mere facts.

    Your solution is?

    If you've never been through a gun safety course with your father, hunted and prepared and eaten an animal for/with your family, that would immediately raise questions as to your proposed solution lacking real-world experience of all sides perspectives...

    If your are offended by the word Monster, take a psychology course...

    Plus, I never voted for the guy and never advocated arming all teachers, simply educating and training them about weapon safety... Drugs are only partially effective weapons against men who don't confirm to mass indoctrination.

    In any of these cases, did you ever hear a parent say- I was a lousy parent?

  • @NickBen Firearms safety courses don't stop people from intentionally choosing to pick up a firearm and start shooting people. Or are you saying that firearm safety courses for teachers would somehow enable them to prevent shootings? If you're going to start playing the "I didn't exactly say that" game, please distill your proposals to reduce/eliminate gun violence down to some clear, actionable ideas for analysis.

    Also, if you want to blame "fatherlessness," what exactly is the actionable solution that you'd propose to that problem? Mandatory fathers for kids? Mandatory checks to make sure that someone is a "good parent?" If we, as a society, have an incurable social situation that leads to increased gun violence and a curable gun problem which leads to gun violence, which should we treat?

    Finally, please provide a link to a scientific study of the correlation between "dosing" children and gun violence. I am unaware of any such study having been done - and, in fact, the FDA is legally prohibited from doing exactly that sort of scientific investigation in the US - and before you link to any garbage opinion pieces from right-wing shills, please let me remind you that correlation does not necessarily imply causation.

  • @eatstoomuchjam

    I am actively involved in the safety measures for a local organization in such matters, and risk-assessment, training and Firearm/weapon safety courses are the very first steps to informed dialogue and decision-making. The training allows you to make informed decisions about your role/reaction to the threat, and how many or who carries what weapon/deterants if anyone/anything at all. Being unprepared and not understanding how to address a single-party threat is inexcusable, litigation threats ever-present, and we have too many opinionated, inexperienced, uninformed ostriches in the jungle of our educational/correctional institutions when a lion comes charging. Peace Officers will say too few security measures, too many inmates, too few armed guards, so why doubt them when their skin is currently on the front-line?

    Both political parties here have rather ridiculous stances, and donation money plays no small part in their absurdity.

    I do not recall one of these active shooter situations resolved by TRANQUILIZER dart and police announcing "Everyone calm down- situation solved, the chemical imbalance in the FORCE has been restored"...

    As unfortunate as it is, such Lethal force needs to be met with immediate lethal force, lest your child or spouse be next. Be it alarm clock bomb, gun, truck, bomb, or phone threat, there are too many poorly parented and unsupervised children with no parental-induced connection to the value of life, and too little time & resources to diffuse every scenario with parent visits, Maslow's needs charts and a lifetime of psychiatric visits with free drugs and hugs for all. Free-range chickens have more humane treatment than some of our children, and certainly are more well-guarded against wolves...

    Even Inspector Clouseau could deduce that an extremely specific group of white, socially disengaged youth goes from fatherlessness to showing mental illness traits to "legal"/illegal hard drugs to mass-shooter in gun free zones, while at the other extreme a group of fatherless black males go to gangs seeking missing bonds to eventual incarceration...

    Many responsible parties, all share blame. Where are the adults shouting "WE ARE ALL PARTIALLY RESPONSIBLE, WE CAN DO BETTER TOGETHER (without more funding)"

    Putting up more "No gun signs" on schools, government buildings, churches and playgrounds, lowering flags to half-mast and tweeting prayers to victims is nice PR, but there's no need to be "PC" on Personal-View...

    Just because there are serial rapists (some even become US President- pick your party) in modern society, do we then chemically castrate all straight, law-abiding males?

    The US social culture is extremely violent, quickly becoming one that actively promotes: white males who show masculinity traits or compete are evil/imperialistic, fathers are unnecessary, single mothers are NEVER to be questioned, humans are simply bags of chemicals that need to be chemically balanced, pregnancy considered a liability instead of a blessing, failing schools and teachers are infallible and simply underfunded, the ten commandments are unneccesary to be taught or understood, there is only moral relativism and no truth, pills and shots and incarceration are the solution... US society is simply violent from cradle to grave, with the highest Gun-regulated/restricted zones like Chicago proven miserable social-experiment failures with unlimited financial need, with thousands of lines of legal and tax regulations at federal, state, and local levels all enforced by Government approved shirts pointing GUNS!!!

    Politicians who would propose NO GUNS, more DRUGS and JAILS as the solution, meanwhile making speeches beside undercover, armed police... hmmm...

    At both ends of the spectrum, Pharma, Gun Manufacturers and Prison industries profit

    I am open to a multi-pronged approach, but bad guys will always be around as summarized in the story as old as humankind- consider the story of the first family... no guns, 2 males, one murder...

  • @NickBen, you completely failed to answer any of my questions with scientifically-backed studies and instead, you spewed a bunch of idiotic right-wing horseshit. You don't get to make up a conclusion and then insist that you have drawn the right conclusion because you've cherry-picked a few small datapoints to support it. Provide science-based evidence to back your claims or stop presenting them as facts.

    There are very few politicians at a federal level proposing a complete ban of guns. They are, however, increasingly proposing making it less easy to acquire them. Given that the cultural ills that you are absolutely certain are to blame (despite the lack of supporting evidence) are not fixable by any act of congress, it's useless talk anyway. The streets are running with the blood of innocent children and sitting around caps lock screaming about cultural problems does not solve the problem.

    Here is a website detailing a number of common logical fallacies - your posts are violating a pretty wide number of them. If you'd like others to take your arguments more seriously, it's better to avoid as many of these as possible:

  • @eatstoomuchjam I will no longer reply to unqualified geniuses on this thread who are not actively facing this issue and doesn't answer 1 vital question...

    There's an active shooter in your building NOW, how do you stop them NOW?

    You first...

  • @NickBen I am absolutely not the one to do that and as a normal citizen, I should not be required to worry about such things at all times, as most people in other countries which have better and more meaningful gun regulation don't have to worry about it. Do you have any other idiotic questions to insist that other people answer or are you prepared to start offering evidence to support any of your asinine assertions?

  • Gun control actually is quite important question, And I mean especially automatic guns ownership. And it is reason why we constantly have some strange events in US in this regard.

    Originally all socialists plans proposed people militia with wide automatic guns ownership. With actual goal to be able to oppose central government.
    Yet in long time frame it turned out opposite.

    Also note - around 10-15% of any population have serious problems with head and around 1-2% have severe problems. So actually it is big question why it is so small number of incidents.

  • From the other side of the world the USA looks completely insane in it's obsession with arming it's population. However, when 60% of the GDP is created by businesses with military connections, it's understandable. It's not personal, only business, hence the call to arm more people as a solution to too many people being armed. It's not a solution, it's a business plan. The USA is now the most dangerous state on the planet and it's citizens are being hoodwinked by the "ruling class" as Vitaliy likes to describe them.

  • Yeah - as I talk to people in my travels, sometimes they ask why we don't just take away guns after so many school shootings. I tell them it's because a surprising number of people in our country think that the best way to reduce gun violence is to give more people guns. In response, people usually look at me like I'm from another planet.

  • A lot of factors at play. We have a high gun ownership in my home country, but very low homicide rate. Perhaps a popular culture that glorifies gang warfare, drug abuse and cultural degeneracy like is prevailent in many parts of US isn't helpful either? Or many people preferring to use drugs that impact empathic response to face hardship in life. These might be contributing factors as well to some of the problems in the US. I have only ever experienced responsible gun ownership - and quite a few areas it is a necessity of daily life to own a gun.

  • I rather like the idea of having someone at the school level with a sidearm whether it be a trained teacher, custodian or administrative person. I think having someone armed at the school (with this info promoted with stickers on doors, etc...) could deter a few wackos out there with twisted thoughts and motives.

  • @eyenorth What is your home country? What sort of checks are required in order to purchase a gun?

    @firstbase Think about all of the people who worked at your high school and then wonder which of them, really, you would choose to take on an armed gunman. I can't think of a single person who worked at my high school who would have been good for that.

  • If I were a student I would hate to be educated by teachers armed with guns. I have seen enough stressed teachers to know that there may be issues with unruly students being threatened by teachers who have trouble with discipline.

  • @caveport

    and it's citizens are being hoodwinked by the "ruling class" as Vitaliy likes to describe them.

    Maybe I'm reading this wrong... but this seems like a weird statement. If there is any "hoodwinking" being done... it's to DISARM the population. It's cultural-suicide for any celebrities to support anything other than full-bans on assault weapons, or get anywhere NEAR supporting the NRA. The news corporations all have scripted agendas and they are PRO extreme gun-control measures. The "narrative" on popular "buzzsites" is that the 2nd is crazy in general and should be removed. So, if you're asserting that people are being "hoodwinked" into supporting the 2nd amendment as stands... well, that's just the opposite of reality.


    Couldn't the Trumpista troll army send us someone with at least a grade school education?

    In my personal experience the smartest/educated people I know are closeted-Trump supporters. The dumbest failures of people I know, with "grade school education" are usually Bernie Sanders supporters... the candidate for actual economic and historical illiterates.


    Think about all of the people who worked at your high school and then wonder which of them, really, you would choose to take on an armed gunman. I can't think of a single person who worked at my high school who would have been good for that.

    This is true for the current dysfunctional adults that somehow have a job due to the teachers unions in the US. Basically a make-work-system for adults that can't do anything else. If the system was completely privatized, or voucher-ed, (you know, to get actual competent people) I would be totally comfortable with arming some teachers. Or maybe just have someone with a background in defense that is kind of just a stand-by teacher... could occasionally substitute teach and help out... but would mainly be around for dangerous situations.

    you completely failed to answer any of my questions with scientifically-backed studies and instead, you spewed a bunch of idiotic right-wing horseshit.

    oooo you said something is 'insert'-wing, so edgy and smart! I'll just fallow-suit and say that what you're doing just spewing typical LEFT-wing horseshit. Saying nothing is "credible enough". Then calling out others for "fallacies"... yet never identifying them.

  • @bwhitz I can agree that the smartest Trump supporters are likely to be the closeted ones. Who would want to have to defend the daily ramblings of a man who is a liar, a bully , a braggard, a sexual predator and who seems to have a borderline attention deficit disorder? Yesterday's nonsense was that, if he was there at Parkland, he would have gone in gun or no gun... and presumably bone spur or no bone spur. He deserves a special kind of medal for this conspicuous act of imagined bravery, the kind that Idi Amin was able to mass produce.