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Z Camera E1 Mini m43 4K camera for $199 only, cheapest 4K ever
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  • @markr041 What pancake lens are you referring to above on page 2? "So, for run and gun, the 12-35 pancake OSS lens!"

    I can't think of /identify a 12 - 35 pancake .

    (But that would be perfect for me )


  • 12-35?! Maybe Marks means the Panasonic Lumix G Vario 12-32mm f/3.5-5.6 ASPH Lens, which is very small and compact.

  • Yup, the 12-32 - a collapsible lens. And OIS.

  • Funny that you mention this lens--I was just doing a resolution test on the 12-32 today; at F4 it is the same as the Olympus in the center, and actually the edges--not the farthest edge but the edges--are not that different, especially if you go to 5 or 5.6. Plus the IS works in dual mode (not for the Z camera but for the GX85, G85 etc.).

  • On Mac, could not find out to connect by wify with the app on iPhone. I disconnected the Bluetooth but still in the dark. Any one give their way?

  • you want to connect iPhone to ZCAM E1?

    Turn on wifi on Zcam E1

    go to Settings in iphone> Wifi network > choose ZCAM Eagle-xx -

    enter password - 12345678

    Open ZCAM iOS app

  • I went thru all these steps but the control button was not working

  • After trying out the camera is returned. I think i will stick with my GH2

    4032 x 3024 - 480K
  • @tinbeo could you share with us the results of your testing? It would be really helpful for us potential buyers :)

  • To some one just want 4K footage, this camera would be good enough together with iPhone 4k’s record, like b cam. Have used hacked gh1,gh2 with ~60-100 Mbps bitrate; Z1’s 30 Mbps is one of the reason I returned, I am not sure of bad contact or whatever reason, camera screen is showing black spot when shooting with not 4/3 lenses.

  • I'm pretty sure that the bit rate in 4k on my Z-Cam E1 was 60 megabits. For all of the camera's failings (and there are a number of them), a 30 megabit 4k codec is not one of them.

  • Yes it is ~60Mbps for 4K but ~30Mbps for 1080. Sorry for this confuse of bit rate

  • @tinbeo thanks for your feedback.. did you have a chance to record the footage via HDMI on external recorder?

  • No I don’t have hdmi recorder.

  • The Z puts out a clean 1080 signal; as discussed above.

  • @markr041 I know, but we still have no info if it is 8 or 10 bit

  • I have an external recorder, but I do not use Linux or a Mac, so I still do not know how to discern whether the output is actually 10bit. The Atomos will automatically record using a 10 bit codec, so the metadata will always say 10bit.

  • @markr041 I have Linux, and surely someone else more skilled than me in video compression has too.. Can you upload a sample on some online storage?

  • Let's be clear: you want a 1080 ProRes 422 10bit video clip shot using the Shogun Inferno connected to the Z by HDMI?

  • @markr041 Exactly. I'd like to inspect it to understand if the original output is 8 or 10 bit. I have a VideoAssist, so if coupling it with a Z I have real 10 bit recordings that's the cheapest 10bit Prores solution!

  • OK. Here its is: Shot in Zlog in 4K on the Z Camera E1->1080 in the Shogun Inferno. ProRes 422. Uploaded as is to Vimeo.

    Go to 'Download' and download the "Original." I forgot to remove the display info, but that can be done and get a clean picture - it's a menu setting.

  • Thanks @markr041 , downloading right now...

  • Additional batteries and charger can now be ordered direct from Z-Cam website instead of Taobao:

  • @jleo

    Btw I no longer see E1 on start page of their site. Seems like they stopped any production.

  • @jazzroy is it 10bit?