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GH5 - 180FPS error
  • Never had a problem shooting 180 before but today at a commercial shoot the 2nd clip went haywire and it only got worse from there

    I've included the 1st shot and added stills from some of the other shots so it's clearer whats going on. - pretty weird!

    I've tested today and can't replicate the problem, using the latest Sandisc extreme pro v30, formatted in-camera

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  • Did you update firmware?

  • latest firmware in camera, didn't check the lens

  • @tired

    Either some camera overheat. Or issue with card.

  • hope you can fix it with a little aftereffects and twixtor trickery

  • We had the same problem, it almost ruined our shoot!

    It occurred when we shot variable frame rate 180 fps with 24 fps project settings, after changing project to 25fps problem disapeared.

    Hope that helps