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Panasonic GH5S GH5 S, 4K Video Edition
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  • Any questions fire away and Ill be back in 10 mins

  • Panasonic Announces the Ultimate Hybrid DSLM with a newly developed 10.2MP High Sensitivity MOS sensor Introducing the LUMIX GH5S: Exceptional Mirrorless Videography and Photography, designed and developed for professional filmmakers

    • Introducing a newly developed 10.2MP High Sensitivity MOS sensor for enhanced image quality in low light:
      • Allowing up to 51,200 ISO recording without extended ISO.
    • Time Code IN/OUT for easy synchronization of multiple cameras and Dual Native ISO, providing low range (400) and high range (2,500) ISO environments.
    • True “Multi-Aspect Ratio” Function in Both Photo and Video

    Panasonic is proud to introduce the new hybrid Digital Single Lens Mirrorless Camera LUMIX GH5S with expanded video recording capability and enhanced image quality. Designed and developed for professional filmmakers, the LUMIX GH5S achieves highest-ever image sensitivity and video image quality in the history of LUMIX cameras, especially in low-light situations.

    Packed with big features to satisfy demanding photographers and videographers alike

    The new 10.2-megapixel Digital MOS Sensor with Dual Native ISO Technology and Venus Engine 10 faithfully reproduce even dark parts of the image, allowing high ISO capture when the use of supplemental lighting may not be possible. This sensor is a multi-aspect type with a sufficient margin for realizing the same angle of view in 4:3,17:9,16:9 and 3:2 aspect ratios. The sensor also enables photo shooting in 14-bit RAW format, providing higher flexibility for professional RAW stills development workflows. When shooting in dark environments, videographers can now focus on filming that perfect shot as they no longer need to worry about noise which often results from having to use higher ISOs. The Dual Native ISO Technology suppresses noise to produce cleaner footage when taken in all light. Both videographers and photographers can now enjoy the same diagonal field of view across all aspect ratios with the True “Multi-Aspect Ratio” Function. This feature means you can easily swap between difference aspect ratios giving you the accuracy you want from your lenses, and making the process easier while producing and editing in post-production. The LUMIX GH5S is compatible with Time Code IN and OUT, like the professional camcorders, which is easy to set using the flash sync terminal and bundled conversion cable for a standard BNC terminal. This is especially important for “lip synchronization” when using multiple cameras. The LUMIX GH5S can be used as Time Code generator for other GH5S cameras and professional camcorders. The Time Code IN/OUT functionality makes a production teams job pain-free as it provides synchronization for both video and audio devices used on multi-cam productions.

    The LUMIX GH5 achieved 4KUHD 60p video recording for the first time as a digital mirrorless camera in 2017.2 The new LUMIX GH5S establishes a new milestone by realizing the world’s first 4K 60p video recording in Cinema 4K (4096x2160), 3 capable of internal 4:2:2 10-bit video recording up to Cinema 4K30p and internal 4:2:0 8-bit Cinema 4K60p. subsampling commonly used for film production, for even more faithful color reproduction.4 The LUMIX GH5S also records 4:2:2 10-bit 400-Mbps All-Intra in 4K 30p/25p/24p and 200- Mbps All-Intra in Full-HD.

    Continuing the LUMIX GH tradition, there is no time limit for both Full-HD and 4K video recording. The LUMIX GH5S complies with 4K HDR video with Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG) mode in Photo Style. A low-bit-rate recording mode, 4K HEVC for HLG, is available. This enables playback on AV equipment compatible with the HLG Display format, such as Panasonic 4K HDR TVs.

    The VFR (Variable Frame Rate) function lets users record overcranked (time-lapse) and undercranked (slo-mo) video in C4K/4K (60 fps, maximum 2.5x slower) and FHD (240 fps, maximum 10x slower). A V-LogL and Rec.709 LUT (Look Up Table) are pre-installed in the camera, so users can play videos recorded in V-LogL without having to separately purchase a Software Upgrade Key. Four additional LUTs can be installed using the Panasonic Varicam (.VLT) file format.

    DFD (Depth From Defocus) technology and ultra-high-speed digital signal processing achieve fast auto focusing of approximately 0.07 sec 6 with 12 fps (AFS) / 8 fps (AFC) in 12- bit RAW and 10 (AFS) / 7 (AFC) fps in 14-bit RAW high-speed burst shooting. In addition to a total of 225 focus areas, The options for Face/Eye Recognition, Tracking AF, 1-area AF and Pinpoint AF are available for precise focusing. The 4K PHOTO enables 60 fps high-speed capture in approximately 8-megapixel equivalent resolution.

    Achieve outstanding footage in any environment, especially in low light

    As a camera that excels in shooting in low light, the LUMIX GH5S boasts -5EV luminance detection performance with Low Light AF thanks to the higher sensitivity and optimized tuning of the sensor. Live Boost is another practical feature that makes it possible to check the composition even in total darkness, by boosting the sensitivity just for Live View. The magnification ratio in MF assist is increased from conventional 10x to 20x, which is convenient especially for astronomical photography. An AF Point Scope function, first introduced in the Lumix G9 and Night mode are also integrated.

    In order to make the GH5S tough enough to withstand even heavy field use, it is composed of a magnesium alloy full die-cast front, rear and top frame that is not only splashproof7 and dustproof but also freezeproof down to -10 degrees Celsius. The GH5S is equipped with a double SD Memory Card slot, compatible with the high-speed, high-capacity UHS-II and Video Speed Class 90. Users can flexibly choose the recording method from Relay Recording, Backup Recording or Allocation Recording. The HDMI Type A terminal is provided, along with the USB-C Gen1 interface.

    Exceptional image capture without concern

    The GH5S has a large LVF (Live View Finder) with a stunningly high magnification ratio of approximately 1.52x/0.76x (35mm camera equivalent) providing smooth display at 120 fps. A high-precision, high-speed OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) display features 3,680K-dot resolution and 100% field of view. In addition to dual dials, an omni-directional joystick enables more intuitive and flexible operation.

    The GH5S includes Bluetooth and Wi-Fi® connectivity to offer a more flexible shooting experience and instant image sharing with easy operation. Compatibility with Bluetooth 4.2 (called BLE: Bluetooth Low Energy) enables constant connection with a smartphone/tablet with minimum power consumption. For Wi-Fi, 5 GHz (IEEE802.11ac)8 can be selected in addition to the conventional 2.4 GHz (IEEE 802.11b/g/n) for an even more secure and stable connection.

    For extended battery life and a more stable hold, the new Battery Grip DMW-BGGH5 (sold separately) is available. The XLR Microphone Adaptor DMW-XLR1 (sold separately) allows high-res sound recording with an external XLR microphone.9

    The Panasonic LUMIX GH5s will be available from end of February 2 and will retail for $2499 (body only).

  • 1 stop better LL, no change in DR. No IBIS. Pass.

  • As expected. Gh2 like it will be 1.86x crop factor again. So I asume speed booster will benefit from it. You can achieve 1.3x crop approx with the 0.74x version.. 1.4x...well its better.

    2 of this little monsters or 1 Eva1. Its the same internals some extra FPGAs on eva1 for Sdi and stuff.

    About the dual native iso. I think it's achieved by the Hdr mode of the sensor, since it's a different path of circuitry and process of reading the pixels, I assume the engeniers make it possible a dual readout since it's all ready available through sensor level.

    Hack this get us 12 bit video.

  • Ok, i stopped watching Nicks video after 1:06, don't need to read all PR's bs. Welcome back MAR!!!

    Is it a world camera? Ps. What to do with GH2@Moon7?

    My my after all these non-mar years, I'm so happy :) Panny you've just sold one unit.

  • Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5S First Impressions Review:

    Panasonic announces Lumix DC-GH5S, an even more video-focused GH5:

    Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5S vs Sony a7S II low light shootout:

    A random ISO test:

  • My second though is that Zaxcom wireless timecode patent made extremely negative consequences to industry.

    As otherwise we had it long time ago.

    Hmmmm.......... can't see how this has anything at all to do with the GH5S?! :-/

  • If you compare real DR at the image level, I guess 0,5 stops tops.

    Luke Neumann claim in his video is he said the GH5S has a two stop improvement? And suggested the stops went into better highlight roll off.

    Guess we need to wait and see.

    @Vitaliy is right about the wireless t/c.

    GH5S doesn't have wireless timecode. (TC I/O is via the flash sync port)

    The original A7s also can't record 4k internally so it's worth factoring an external recorder into your price calculations if you're looking for apples->apples vs the GH5s...

    Shooting 4K with an a7S mk1 instead of just buying an a7S mk2 from the start makes as much sense as buying a Panasonic GH4 to use with an external recorder for 4K 10bit instead of just getting a GH5 from the start.

    Which is to say it makes no sense at all.

  • @IronFilm

    Hmmmm.......... can't see how this has anything at all to do with the GH5S?! :-/

    GH5S doesn't have wireless timecode. (TC I/O is via the flash sync port)

    Do not rush, look at the talk above.

    Talk was about timecode, it is much simpler and cheaper now to add wireless TC transmission.
    But due to Zaxcom restrictions you can't do it.

  • gh5s Anamorphic mode

  • vk your right, not much improvements in DR from what I have seen so far

  • There is NO improvement in terms of DR. Its just cleaner at high iSOs

  • Its a massive thanks to this group and a few other call outs that we got Multi Aspect sensor back :-)

  • Speedbooster 0.71x works fine and there are no lock ups with for example the 18-35 Sigma.

  • @driftwood

    There is NO improvement in terms of DR. Its just cleaner at high iSOs

    Reading this it can be nice to hear definition of sensor DR among Panasonic guys :-)

  • Does it show exposure info (aperture, SS and iso) in all video modes?

  • 200mm lens is quite stunning with the GH5s. Ill have some footage up soon. Skiin tones look great. V Log in 10 bit has never looked as good at 1250 ISO...

  • Good mini-review in typical extrashot style:

  • @Ironfilm no one said GH5S has wireless T/C. Can't speak for Vitaliy, but many of us who field large arrays and move them around want wireless, and the industry has been slow to offer reliable solutions, partly because of patent hassles (but also they don't want the competition or even to offer something cheaper).

  • Its a massive thanks to this group and a few other call outs that we got Multi Aspect sensor back :-)


    Do not rush, look at the talk above.

    Could you link or quote exactly what you're referring to?

    Talk was about timecode, it is much simpler and cheaper now to add wireless TC transmission. But due to Zaxcom restrictions you can't do it.

    I don't see how wireless TC transmission is linked into this.

    Neither do I think this is linked to Zaxcom, as the main issue people usually have with them is blocking simultaneously recording and wireless audio transmission (i.e. a bodypack that is both a recorder and a transmitter!).