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Z Camera E1 Mini m43 4K camera for $199 only, cheapest 4K ever
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  • I couldn't resist any longer.... the Z Cam E1 is now MINE!! :-D

    The orders have been placed with B&H

  • From your phone, connected by WiFi to the Z, you can pre-select and store two focus points (A and B), then go between the points with no focusing delay or glitches. The stored points are focus pre-sets, not where you are asking the camera to try to focus. The focusing occurs at a chosen point first (by touching the phone screen), then the point is stored. So, you get smooth transitions, touching A then B and back and so on, as seen in this test video.

    This uses the Lumix 25mm f1.7 lens.

  • @markr041

    Think about writing to their marketing, as I guess that only here you helped them sell around 10-15 cameras.

  • @markr041 I agree with Vitaly. ;-) Plus, we all appreciate the near-review-level work you have supplied for various cameras. Thanks for your efforts.

  • @IronFilm @markr041 I took the plunge as well!

  • @markr041 indeed, the positive buzz you've created online around it was a big factor (of course the biggest factor was the low low price for 4K MFT!) in my purchase decision.

  • For those who are coming late to the party, the price has gone up but only to $250:

    (Although strangely the white "gift" box version is $300!)

    The SLR Magic 8mm f4 is still $169 (as the E1 is perfect for low budget but higher end 360VR, if a person plans to buy a bundle of them):

  • I too bought one. Pumped to get back in the m43 game at such a low entry cost!

    Would have been great if they came out with that waterproof case that was initially rumored. That never happened though right? or am I just not seeing it online anywhere?

    @markr041...that "focus-pulling" seems to work exactly like it does on the Panasonic GX85 (and some other Panny bodies I'm sure).

  • Has anyone done a battery run-down? Am I understanding that the camera will operate on USB power?

  • @Fran_Guidry

    Has anyone done a battery run-down?

    You mean that you need DC consumption measurement in different modes?

    As from this numbers you can calc how any battery will work with it.

  • "Am I understanding that the camera will operate on USB power?"

    It is hard to answer such a question. What does "USB power" mean? I think I know what you are asking.

    In any case, here are the facts:

    1. The camera external power requirement is 5V, 2 amps. So, most "USB" chargers could power the camera, since they are usually 5 volts, if the power port were USB. But an AC adaptor can provide 5 volts and 2 amps and not be USB. Indeed, the included AC adaptor provides 5V 2A but is not USB. And, an AC adaptor can be other than 5 volts and be USB. So, "USB power" means nothing.

    2. The camera will work indefinitely plugged into a power source that gives 5V 2 amps. It can operate without a battery therefore. It will operate on external DC power alone.

    3. The power port, however, is not a USB port. You can purchase, as I have, a cable that has a standard USB male plug on one end and a barrel connector on the other end that plugs into the camera port. This will enable one to use standard cell phone "USB" AC adaptors or those "USB" external batteries. Or, you can just use the included non "USB power" adaptor.

    The camera does have a USB port, for data transfer and perhaps remote control. It is actually useful to have a seperate power port from the usb port, since the unit can be powered while using the usb port.

    I hope this adds to your understanding. :)

  • "that "focus-pulling" seems to work exactly like it does on the Panasonic GX85 (and some other Panny bodies I'm sure)."

    No, I do not believe that you can pre-set two focus points and move between them on the GX85 over and over again (perhaps on the GH5?). I have the GX85, I have read the manual. You can poke your finger on the touch screen to move the focus to where you have pointed. And then you can point in another area to get a "focus pull" to that new place. But then you will experience the usual contrast-detection focus shifting in and out, which may be quick or slow depending on the lens. That is not the same as, and it is inferior to, what I described the Z Camera can do with the cell phone app.

    Maybe there is a new version of the Panasonic cell phone app that will do that, but I never saw it. If I am wrong about this (not being available on the GX85), that's great news for owners of the GX85, and me - but direct us to the reference.

  • @Mark041 Thanks. I wonder when we will just get all the frame rates in cameras.
    @Ironfilm I have 8 or so G7, GX85 whatever, ax100s for my multicam stuff. 23.976 is the common rate, although I could go 30p I suppose, I never liked the look of 30p so much. Every now and then I need a tiny cam for a funny angle or to hide on a stage.

  • @DrDave

    30p has one big advantage, it'll look the same on all computers and tablets.
    And how 24p will look no one really knows for sure, can be bad with stutter.

  • @DrDave To clarify - the Z Camera E1 shoots 4K UHD at 23.976. So it will match all of your other cameras at that resolution. Only 4K DCI is at 24.00, the film standard. This is exactly the same as the GH4.

  • @markr041 Thank you for clarifying, I suspected that but couldn't find any specs to confirm it.

  • So the USB port on the camera can't be used to power it?

  • @mark041 the feature in describing is in a feature on the panasonics called 'snap movie'. This video describes it more, starting around 4:00 : How to Use LUMIX Snap Movie Mode on GX85, G85, an…:

  • @orey10m Thanks. But, this video shows what I said - what the GX85 does is not the same as what the Z can do for focus pulls with pre sets. The A/B transition on the Z is in standard video mode. There is no need to go into any mode like "Snap Movie". And when you choose your A and B points you do not have to set any time interval. You simply touch A then touch B for any interval you want while shooting. No limit to a 4-second or 8 second little movie.

    And finally, and most importantly - on the GX85, this gimmicky 4/8 second little video mode (yes, you are limited to 4-8 seconds of a video clip) is limited to 1080p and all auto. There is no resolution limit for using the A/B transition on the Z and it works in PASM and you have no time limit - you can do the transition at any time and keep shooting, just as my video shows.

    I do not find this "Snap Movie" mode on the GX85/G85 to be comparable at all. The A/B capability of the Z is similar to what the GH5 can do. It is a professional feature; on the GX85 it is a consumer gimmick.

    @IronFilm As was said, there is a usb port for data transfer and possibly remote control. There is another port for power, but it conforms to the standard "usb" power requirement - 5V 2A, so if you get the right cable, you can use any standard "usb" chargers and external batteries. The advantage of not having the usb port be the power port is that you can use the usb port for many uses and still fully power and charge the camera externally.

    I get that the disadvantage is that you cannot use any standard usb cable to charge (you need a special usb cable (readily available)). But once you get the cable, you can use standard power adaptors/batteries.

  • @mark041 Ack! I missed the sale~! Tx. Maybe it's for the best, I should get rid of some gear....

  • @mark041 Awesome - good to hear it's implemented in a more professional and usable way on the E1.

    I just got mine in the mail and I need to update the firmware! (does that enable the assignability of the up and down arrows?)

    1280 x 720 - 267K
  • Actually, can you post instructions on how to update the firmware? I'm on a mac. I downloaded the .bin file from their website. Now my computer just keeps 'archiving' it, and creating what look like zip files but have the extension .cpgz

  • @oryey10m Yes, it allows the assignment of buttons. I think the up arrow is push to focus, and the down arrow is snap a picture in video mode. The function and on/off buttons are assignable.

    I don't have a mac, but one just has to copy the .bin file to the root of a microsd card. For all Apple closed-system silliness, I cannot believe that operation is barred. After you do that and insert the card, when you turn on the camera you will get a prompt to cancel or go ahead. If that does not work, turn on the camera first and then insert the card. When you get the prompt you have to select 'ok' (push either the down arrow or up arrow to 'ok', then push the function button to execute). That's it. It will upgrade the firmware and tell you what it is doing and when it is successfully completed.

  • price is up to $499 -(;