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Good drone stock footage
  • Does anyone out there have a good source for quality, yet inexpensive or free drone footage? I have a subscription to video blocks and the drone footage on there isn't great. Thanks for any leads!

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  • you want it for free and you want also someone to serve it on a silver plate? C'mon, don't be so lazy. Mrs Google is your best friend.

  • I'm totally willing to pay, just not ruling out free. The footage on Pexels was much much nicer than on the site that I pay for. Not being lazy, I've googled and found some stuff, but just wondering what others are using. Why wouldn't I ask the film making community what they're using?

  • I am wondering how it gonna be trying to get trial free on adobe stock for one month. Had i canceled the subscription after free trial time , Will i be charged for the stocks already on social media like face book, you tube?