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Panasonic GH5 camera, actual users feedback
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  • @mikeyeung5 I'm at SMPTE next week, can you post your comments in that topic? It would be great to some user thoughts on discussions with Panasonic.

  • @alcomposer is it at the SMPTE Sydney 2017 post? what kind of event is it ? I was in Sydney for 6 years for my degree. Too bad i didn't attend any kind of events like this

  • How are people dealing with the 6k video files? Just started playing around with this and in theory sounds great and the few frames I can get to play look insane! Think there was some posts about it in other GH5 thread in regards to playback. But transcoding / editing?... any solid solutions for PC/Premiere workflow?

  • Can try PowerDirector.

    Here is NLEs list with decoders support for >4K only NVidia cards have decoders

  • i did hear that the lumix 12-60/3.5-5.6 was supposed to manually be able to override focus in auto single focus far i haven't been able to do so. can someone please confirm or deny that claim?

    edit: how about the 12-60mm/2.8-4.0? is it possible?

  • Can the GH5 do 25 frames per second in 6K mode? Obviously in PAL mode

  • I have had GH5 about 2 months now and it is very good update from GH4 and I am mostly pleased with its new features. I could write a long list of good things but here is a short list for little improvements:

    • the blinking record dot blinks too slowly and when stopping recording it disappears so quickly that I some times wonder if the recording was even on at all.
    • when changing iso only the back wheel works. It would be easier for me to use front wheel for iso adjustment. Why not both wheels adjust iso?
    • Auto iso limiter for video should have more steps. Now iso2000 or 2500 are not possible.
    • iso100 clips highlights. Maybe FW 2.0 will fix it.
    • 50Mbs fullhd would be useful some times.
    • Video autofocus menu item on/off is not assignable to FN-button. Even better would be working AFS/AFC lever. Why cant it work
    • Exposure values (aperture, shutter speed and iso) are not visible in automatic video exposure modes. Why hide them?
    • iDynamic and wind cut filter has no symbol in screen (GH2 had those).
    • AFS/AFC lever is not working with 6k photo. It uses always AFC.
  • Exposure values (aperture, shutter speed and iso) are not visible in automatic video exposure modes. Why hide them?

    Can add to this option to have always visible focus distance and DOF range, both in MF and AF modes.

  • Can add to this option to have always visible focus distance and DOF range, both in MF and AF modes.

    This would be interesting. For example DOF range with 300mm lens at f 5.6 would be something like 30.3m -30.9m. Is it possible for camera to know that? DFD may know something. Quite extreme feature and no camera can do it today.

    Some cameras can still show shutter speed, aperture and iso when shooting :)

  • @Vesku

    Yes, of course. Most Panasonic and Olympus lenses report focus position and body can calculate focus distance from it (and write it to EXIF where you can find it). DOF is just simple calculation from focus distance and aperture.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    I checked GH4 and GH5 exif with Exiftool. It has no focus distance item. GH4 and GH5 can show manual focusing help with coarse line between close and infinity but I dont think it knows the actual distance value.

    Exiftool shows GH5 automatic exposure values, GH5 screen not :(

  • @touviere7
    to answer my own question from last week, i bought the lumix/leica 12-60/2.8-4.0 and found out that it's not possible, when in auto focus, to override it with the focus ring (like with the old olympus 12-60/4.0--5.6... :-(

  • @touviere7 I doubt it's the solution you're after but I take it you're aware of the AF+MF menu function? It enables the use of both AF and MF in unison but I think the shutter button has to be half pressed at the time, which can be a little constricting.

  • @ahrenheit

    yes, i know about that fonction, but it does not work once recording is started, at least not for me here...

  • @touviere7 It works for me during recording. I use it for macro video.

  • @fahrenheit

    very glad for you, what lens are you using?

  • @touviere7 The PL 12-60mm f/2.8-4.

  • @fahrenheit

    thanks very much, you made me realize that one of my settings must be wrong:

    afs/aff was on aff. it's working now :-)

  • EUROFIGHTER Typhoon flight over Matacán, Salamanca, shot with the GH5 & 45-175 powerzoom Lumix lense

  • Has anyone tested GH5 internal mic quality? In my GH5 it seems to record low frequences much weaker than GH3/4. I must add bass quite much when listening my GH5 recordings. (Wind cut is off).

  • Here is a comparison GH4 vs GH5 mic quality. GH5 sound clearly lacks low tones (bass). The difference in 20-100Hz is massive. Actually we can say GH5 does not record low tones (bass).

  • Not a very good test. Do we know if the wind cut filter is on or off? Also without a proper frequency sweep test there is no actual information about which frequencies are different. A noisy environment with varying background noise is probably the worst test one could do!

  • @caveport Wind cut is off in both. Yes this is not very scientific test but it reveals the lack of low tones in GH5. I cant hear any second of low bass in GH5 clips but very low tones in GH4 clips. My audio system plays 20Hz easily. GH5 sounds like the wind cut filter is on all the time.

    I have shooted in same situations with my GH4 and GH5 and the difference is massive. I must raise/add about 20db low tones in GH5 videos to hear the same amount of bass than in my GH4 videos. Trains, jets, waterfalls, concerts has very thin sound in GH5 but realistic in GH4 videos.