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Does 30 or 60 fps with 1/50 shutter speed with 50 Hz lighting makes sense ?
  • Hi guys, I'm a using PAL GX80 (GX85) and G6 in service mode in order to use more FPS for slow motion recording but one thing isn't clear at all for me. Is there any problem, like stuttering, by using these in 30 or 60 fps mode with a 1/50 or 1/100 shutter speed for syncing with artificial EU lighting (50 Hertz). I assume people commonly use 25/50 fps with 50 Hz with artificial european lighting normally but am I suppose to see some artefacts by preferring 30 or 60 fps ? Also I prefer 30 or 60 fps because modern LCD monitors and TV are all synchronized at 60 Hz, even in europe. Thanks for your insights.

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  • I have used 30P and 60P in Europe with artif. lights.

    With 30P I can use 1/50s or even 1/30s. 1/50s is always OK but also 1/30s works usually well if I need cleaner low light image. If there is flickering it is visible in screen or EVF and I can adjust it to go away.

    With 60P the only working ss is 1/100s. It is many times too dark indoors but if you want 60P for slowmo it is the only choice.

    I dont use 25/50P because my monitors works at 60Hz.

  • A demonstration of the benefits of using 1/50th at 30P in Europe:

    The first clip shows what happens when you use 1/60th, and the next when you use 1/50th.

  • 1/50 or 1/100 is a no-brainer with 50 Hz light, that's was not my concern. I'm concerned about stuttering, not flickering. The question was toward 25 fps versus 30 fps with 1/50 SS, as 30 is not a strict multiple of 50 I was wondering if 30 was going to be as fluid as 25 during a pan for example ? I hope I am clear enough.

  • 30P is more fluid than 25P when using 1/50s. Shutter speed defines the motion blur. The longer ss the more motion blur. If using the same shutter speed the 30p is always smoother than 25P and 60P smoother than 50P.

    If the monitor/Tv refresh rate is different than video fps it causes stuttering (some frames must be shown twice). 50P is best with 50Hz monitor and 60P is best with 60Hz monitor.

  • Thanks buddies !

  • If you use 1/50th at 60p, you'll get stuttering, as the camera will have to drop some frames, since the shutter speed is slower than the framerate. Some cameras won't even let you select a shutter speed that's slower than the framerate, for this reason.

  • Definitely do not set the shutter slower than the FR as @aldolega mentions. Use the online flicker calculator to optimize your settings. Lastly, find some old fluorescent lights--these are usually found in train stations and hotel lobbies, etc., and point the camera right at it. You never know with an old ballast.