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Wishes for the GH6
  • Everybody is working and talking about the 2.0 and now 2.1 firmware update for the GH5.

    But for sure the Panasonic engeneers are alreday working on the GH6. For Panasonic claims and has prooven, that they listen to the customers, let us tell them early in the process of the development, what features we would like to see in the GH6, that can not be implemented in the GH5 through firmware update.

    Let me start with a wish for a 2nd screen:

    I think it is great to have the controls like waveform, histogram, sound etc. to have all the settings in sight, but as we all know, they take up a lot of space and cover up the video picture on the screen.

    So my idea is, to have a second screen on the body where the screen normally rests. So that, when the normal, video screen, is flipped in, they face each other.

    I would call it a "service screen", where you can have and see all the helping tools without covering the screen with the picture. All other settings like aputure, ss, ISO etc could also be shown and maybe one can also change the settings of the camera on that screeen. As you like. One should be able to assign, what you want to see on that screen.

    I would make it a touch screen as well, so that the camera would have a double touch-screen, so the you can move things to the video screen if you need it, for example when you do overhead work and can not see the service screen but need the wave or sound controls. Once you are back in normal use, you can push them out of the way to the service screen again. If you do not need it, you could switch it off to save battery.

    Nowadays, screens are so thin, that I doubt that it would make the camera bigger.

    I think this would be a great help to have all the controls in sight, without them covering the main video screen.

    Also, NO other Mirrorless or DSLR camera has that feature which would really give Panasonic another advantage over his competitors.

    One could also think about transmitting the information of the service screen maybe via bluetooth to a mobile device, so one can have it in sight if a look on the camera is difficult or a 2nd person can have a look or even adjust the settings, while the camera man takes care of the framing.

    What do you think about this? Would that make sense and help?

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  • I ONLY want multi aspect ratio sensor.

  • @AKED It's an interesting idea, but I think it would end up increasing the overall cost of the camera a fair bit. Plus, an additional screen would increase the overall power consumption of the camera, which would either mean shorter battery life or necessitate a larger battery and larger camera body.

    Maybe a more practical idea is to use a smartphone or tablet for this purpose. Obviously the mobile app would have to improve to make this happen (it would be nice if it could display video in a higher resolution, for example). But you can already get some of these features (waveform, vectorscope, histogram, etc.) with the 3rd party FieldMonitor mobile app.

  • My hopes for GH6 and maybe GH5 future FW updates:

    -the camera should show exposure values (aperture, shutter speed and iso) when shooting video in all modes.

    -the red recording dot should be constantly on, not blinking slowly.

    -AFS/AFC/MF lever should work with video and with 6k photo.

    -Sharpening setting for EVF.

    -16:9 mode for 6k photo or "open gate" mode.

  • Maybe add that phase detection focus

  • @davedv All valid points. I just wanted to give an idea of something I think would be valuable to have and than no other DSLR or DSLM camera has (the URSA has 2 screens for example. One on both sides. But other price range and other target group)

    Then it is a matter for the engineers and project managers to see, if it is technical possible and if it would make sense to add, without increasing the costs and energy consumption too much. If you can switch it off when not needed,I think the energy consumption can be handeled snd for these purporses, maybe it most not be a high resolution OLED screen. And by then, prices for screens will be lower. So let us just see if other people would find this idea also helpful so that Panasonic may find that idea interesting as well.

  • @chef

    See. They are afraid of @AKED . Instant reaction.

  • I want not just foldable but easy detacheble monitor on bluetooth or wifi conection with battery inside. It could be magnetic to easy attach it on tripod or gimbal handles.

  • I found in my G7 exposure tests that the correct exposure keeps the pedestal at zero, so a second screen for waveform would be very useful. All other infortation could be on this screen. It could be a cheap black and white or green screen just for scopes and numbers.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev i agree.. i was about to buy the gh5 ima gonna wait then....

  • Gh6.

    Two versions.

    Classic and avantgard


    Super 35 sensor with m4/3 crop and mount.

    Compressed raw Aka C200.

    6g Sdi out.


    None of the above.

  • Wishes :

    Internal ND filter

    Very large EVF

    Clean LowLight up to 12800

    Video pre-rec abilities

    Punch'in focus while recording

    Compressed RAW for video

    4 tracks audio (2 internal + 2 ext)

  • multiaspect sensor with 21,6mm diagonal in cine mode, with only 9megapixels = 4k resolution, to improve low light performance. video oriented camera, not photo camera. = GH6s (s=sensitivity, like sony)

  • @apefos So you never use ex tele? I'm actually pretty fond of it - it gives me an entire extra set of lenses when I'm out.

  • the ex tele is just fullhd, it is not 4k, and it does not improve low light.

  • @apefos - exTele DOES work in 4k/UHD - gives about a 1.4x TC value

  • Now I understand, the GH5 ex tele works in 4k, but the G7 the ex tele is just full hd.

    But I prefer a sensor with less pixels and better low light without extele.

  • Maybe we can ask to Panasonic(petition) to add to the GH5 the a High Res Mode like the OM-D E-M5 Mark II (40-million-pixel JPEG images or 64-million-pixel raw file with a tripod)

  • Better sensor technology, better video focus, Multi aspect super 35 sensor with at least Pro lenses designed to cover it but keep ability to crop to normal m 4/3. I should say as close to super 35 that they can get maybe like Red Epic 20.7 wide but at the least GH2 18.8 vs current 17.3?

  • RAW, RAW, RAW! Compressed RAW up to 60P @ 4k.

    Better low light capability. I agree with Celullo. Noise free at iso 12800.

    Better auto-focus in video mode.

    What we DO NOT NEED is 8k. Please Panasonic, do not make the GH6 an 8k camera. That would mean smaller photosites on the sensor and worse low lowlight performance. Your design philosophy should be to make the GH6 the best 4k video camera in the world!

  • I want to see special AI mode that sends lower resolution video version to cloud and make analysis.

    And if you keep shooting crap it blocks camera completely and request $100 payment to unlock camera for another 10 hours of crap.

    I even want to extend it to make standard feature on all cameras.

  • Har har har. Good one Vitaliy. There certainly IS a lot of crap videos on YouTube and Vimeo. ;-)

  • For me it's simple: New sensor with 2 more stops of dynamic range

  • My top wish above all else (I won't even care if they don't improve in any other way over the GH5):

    Electronic variable ND! (like the FS5 / FS7mk2)

    If it isn't possible to have both built in ND and a mechanical shutter, then I am 100% fine with the mechanical shutter being ditched (or even have two almost identical versions: GH6 with mechanical shutter, and a "GH6A" with ND instead).

    Punch'in focus while recording


    I ONLY want multi aspect ratio sensor.

    Agreed. Bring back the GH2! ;-)

    And/or a S35 sensor with a MFT.

    One final wild card wish: locking MFT mount.

    Quick note about what I don't care about: raw or higher than 4K resolutions.

    But before the next GH series comes, we will see one (or two?) G series updates first:

    Hopefully the next one will have: headphone port, 10bit internal, compatibility with DMW-XLR1, waveform monitoring, and not do anything dumb in going backwards from the G80/G85 (such as losing live HDMI monitoring during recording, which the G series finally got with the G80/G85).

  • @IronFilm - You hit the nail on the head. Maybe we can get Lumix rep from NJ HQ Sean Robinson to join this forum so he can push these ideas forward to Pany. If not, we can still forward this to him. Many of our suggestions on various forums across the net have been heard by Panasonic and is what helped make the GH5 what it is today. @driftwood may be the best connection via PV.