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Smartphone Destroyed a Generation?
  • The number of teens who get together with their friends nearly every day dropped by more than 40 percent from 2000 to 2015; the decline has been especially steep recently. It’s not only a matter of fewer kids partying; fewer kids are spending time simply hanging out. That’s something most teens used to do: nerds and jocks, poor kids and rich kids, C students and A students. The roller rink, the basketball court, the town pool, the local necking spot—they’ve all been replaced by virtual spaces accessed through apps and the web.

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  • Thanks for posting. It is a well written, well researched article. I'v already fwd'd the link to many other parents (and my daughter!) ;-)

  • It may get worse with self-driving cars and the focus on "getting work done" with not having to drive anymore.

  • @SeanL78

    Did you noticed big topic ?

    Also try to include short synopsis for members besides link, please.

    Also it is quite stupid to blame iPhones instead of capitalists who invest enormous money to bullshit they feed poor kids with. To promote Twitter and Instagram, Snapshat and other stuff. As for them it is business.

    The survey asks teens how happy they are and also how much of their leisure time they spend on various activities, including nonscreen activities such as in-person social interaction and exercise, and, in recent years, screen activities such as using social media, texting, and browsing the web. The results could not be clearer: Teens who spend more time than average on screen activities are more likely to be unhappy, and those who spend more time than average on nonscreen activities are more likely to be happy.

    People do not spend because they want to. They spend because they are forced by ill society and they are afraid to not belong.

    All social media is not made to fulfill people needs. Instead it is made to explore their primitive social behaviors to sell them something or sell their time to advertisers.

  • Thanks. Note that I did not say I agree with every point or aspect of that article.