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Viltrox electronic adapters
  • Viltrox will launch 3 new electronic adapters for Sony E mount and Micro Four Third cameras. NF-E1 allows Nikon F mount lenses to be used on Sony E mount cameras. EF-M1 and EF-M2 are electronic adapters for Canon EF and EF-S lenses to be used on Mirco Four Third camera. EF-M2 also equipped with 4 elements in 4 groups which increase aperture by 1 stop and reduce focal length by 0.71x.

    All adapters come with USB port for firmware update. Retail price, product details and launch date to be confirmed. Please LIKE our FB page for latest announcement.



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  • E-mount and MFT seems to be getting lots of new adapters, as opposed to only e-mount. (Which is nice)

  • what ? ....only 19 cents more for the focal reducer ?

  • @kurth

    Very generous.

    Had this been Apple it had been 100% more for simple one, as it looks more streamlined and premium without glass.

  • ...and it's about $80 more expensive than their ef to e mount version ...go figure ? Let's see if the electronics work any better !

  • Optics are worse than my Zhongyi Lens Turbo II. electronics do not work for my a6500 and my tamron 28-75 and vintage sigma 28mm 1.8 lens. No AF, No Iris control. Any experiences with the a6500 or a6300?

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Will these speedboster available via deals? Very interesting in m43 speedbooster, hope see some test vs metabones and kipon

  • any news? Need cheap speedbooster for gh5+18-35 with autofocus

  • @Readbook

    They had been on sale already, at least I remember posting deals. Not PV deals, I mean in shops.

  • @vitaliy_Kiselev are you sure? I don't see it in deals june-august. I contact with one seller on ali, they said that cannot ship this item now. And I don't see any review on youtube.

  • image

    Viltrox EF-NEX IV is the fifth generation electronic adapter produced by Viltrox for Canon EF and EF-S lenses to be used on Sony A9, A7, A6XXX and NEX series cameras.

    Two main features are added on EF-NEX IV:

    • Integrated USB port for adapter firmware update. Connect adapter to computer with USB cable and execute latest file download from official website. Fast and Easy!
    • Manual switch to change between CDAF and PDAF mode. For camera to recognize new AF mode, adapter is required be unmounted from camera and attach again.

    Retail price is US$159 (Standard shipping fee included)

    463 x 477 - 26K
  • Viltrox EF-E II Electronic Adapter (F Booster) is the 2nd generation of its kind since the end of 2014. This adapter is designed for Sony APS-C camera and Canon EF mount lenses. Same as previous generation, the built-in optics increase light input by one F stop and also reduce focal length by x0.71. Same as the latest EF-NEX IV, the new F Booster also comes with USB port for firmware update and a switch to select CDAF or PDAF focus mode#.


    Product features:

    • Support Sony A9/A7/A7R/A7S/A6XXX/NEX cameras and VG camcorders* (APS-C mode should be turn on for full frame camera)
    • Integrated USB port for adapter firmware update^
    • 4 elements in 4 groups optics increase light input by one F stop and also reduce focal length by x0.71
    • Dedicated switch to select between Contrast Detection and Phase Detection Auto Focus mode
    • Contrast Detection AF allow Flexible Spot to be moved and focus across the frame and support Eye focus on specific camera#.
    • Phase Detection Auto Focus gives faster focus experience on most lenses.
    • Support EF lenses manufactured by Canon, Sigma, Tokina and Tamron
    • Record EXIF data includes aperture, focal distance etc
    • Support on camera aperture adjustment and metering
    • Support lens Image Stabilizer
    • High precision aluminum alloy with chromium plating on both mounting surface to ensure smooth installation and durability.

    466 x 500 - 29K
  • any news for ef-m2? (m43 version). Still not sale anywhere, no one feedback from user

  • Well, I see orders on top aliexpress link.

  • orders yes, but no one left feedback. I think this buster did not exist at this time

  • I've been using the non-optical version the EF-M1 for a few weeks with manual (non-electronic glass). Also use Metabones XL focal reducer, and picked up this Viltrox for when I want to use EF glass without focal-reduction. Finally got around to trying it with some AF/OS lenses and having issues. OS does not work on OS EF lenses - GH5 stabilizer says it's on, but showing no effect with OS EF lenses. Aperture values are incorrect. Can see in this video here (on computer screen):

    that there are recent firmware updates for this exact model, but Viltrox website seems to be down and can't find any mirrors to the firmware. Considering returning it. A review just popped up on Amazon from another user who seems to be having same issues. Sure it could be resolved with a firmware, just cannot actually connect to site to get new firmware to test.