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Techart PRO Leica M - Sony E Autofocus Adapter

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    Techart, the Chinese adapter manufacturer who has previously launched the first Contax G autofocus adapter for Sony E cameras, has unveiled the world’s first Autofocus adapter for Manual Lenses named ‘Techart PRO’. The Techart PRO adapter is able to drive the manual Leica M lenses to reach focus by using the focusing system in Sony A7II and Sony A7RII, giving an unprecedented new user experience for all Leica M lenses owners.

    Techart PRO has adopted the z-shift technology where the Leica M bayonet is able to extend and retract. The distance between the lens and the camera sensor is hereby changed in order to reach the focus. The mechanism is quite similar to Contax AX system where the flange distance is changed for autofocusing. Techart PRO has electronic contacts to communicate with the Sony A7II and Sony A7RII and uses its PDAF system to measure focus. The built-in motor will then drive the bayonet forward by a maximum of 4.5mm and reach the focus point for shooting.

    Techart PRO is super light and powerful. The adaptor weighs only 133g and is able to drive a lens system as heavy as 700g. Apart from pairing up with the Leica M lenses, users can also further adapt lenses with longer flange distance (e.g. Leica R, CY, PK, MD, etc) with add-on adapters and enjoy the autofocusing experience with other manual lenses. Techart PRO supports both AF-S and AF-C modes and it can also serve as a close focusing adapter which can reduce the minimal focusing distance of the lenses.

    A complimentary mobile app will be available for users to save 10 sets of lens data to the adapter and perform firmware upgrade via bluetooth.

    Techart PRO is an evolutional product which can give users a completely new experience with their manual lenses. The fast and precise focusing allows users to take quick and sharp photos with their favourite manual lenses. More product information and testing videos can now be found via our official website

    Pricing and Availability

    The Techart PRO Autofocus Leica M Adapter for Sony E cameras is currently available for pre-order at our official website ( The recommended retail price is USD 349/pc. Free shipping will be provided during the promotion period. Delivery will commence from March onwards and will be shipped from our US/UK/Hong Kong warehouse. 1-year warranty is included.


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  • Wow, looks promising. But it only works on the the higher end bodies?

    "to reach focus by using the focusing system in Sony A7II and Sony A7RII"

  • My questions were answered on the website. Appears to work on the A6300 but not in video mode, due to the type of focus system available for video mode… according to Techartpro:

    Admin May 24, 2016 at 10:24 am Reply Sorry that it does not work with A7 as Sony does not unlock the 3rd part PDAF support for this camera.

    Admin August 27, 2016 at 8:27 pm Reply Sorry that the A7s does not work at all with the adapter.

    Copy paste got truncated by markdown so here it is again in images:image


    Screen Shot 2016-11-05 at 1.40.57 PM.png
    822 x 272 - 38K
    Screen Shot 2016-11-05 at 1.41.36 PM.png
    703 x 396 - 59K
  • While I have not yet tried that adapter, I own the Techart Contax G adapter and it works flawlessly with my 90mm f2.8 Contax lens. It seems to focus even a bit faster than on the original camera! So, I'd trust their technical competence. Of course, speed of that new adapter will also depend on the weight of the lens and the focus travel it needs…

  • Thanks @nomad , glad to hear you've had a good experience with their product

  • I love this idea. This should be combined with speedbooster technology to give all manual lenses some new life on APS-C cams! :)