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Viltrox electronic focal reducer vs. Zhongyi Lens Turbo II Comparison
  • Viltrox came out with the first cheap electronic focal reducer. I got it because I'd like to use some Canon lenses that have no aperture ring. Sadly, corners are not quite as sharp and there is a little more bulging. Also, inside the adapter is less space because of electronics, and some vintage lenses wont fit without cutting protruding pins.

    check out these straight-out-of-camera JPGs from the Sony A6500.

    viltrox: viltrox

    Zhongyi: zhongyi

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  • @fatpig

    Any plans for 4K video review? :-)

  • Currently ordered the tamron 28-75mm for EOS and an old sigma 28mm 1.8 for analog EF mount. I will post here if they work correctly. If they do, I could imagine some sort of review. Never did one before, what would be important to cover in your opinion?

  • quick update. the viltrox wont establish ANY electronic connection to the sigma or the tamron. no aperture control, no autofocus, nothing.

  • Its a shame Commlite does not offer a focal reducer with electronics at this point. Is there any other company that offers it at a price below 200$? Commlite electronics work quite well.