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GH2 stuck mechanical shutter
  • Hi all, its been a while I have posted anything. After close to good 6 years my GH2 has its first major issue. The shutter got stuck in closed position taking a photo.

    I got the "Please turn camera off and then on again" message. Doing so did not solve the issue. When i do this I hear a slight sound and can see the shutter trying to move slightly but remains like in the first photo.

    In the second photo - I tried to manually open it and I saw that another part is stuck behind the outer blades.

    My questions: is there a way to find out if its a hardware or software failure. Is it something that can be fixed DIY style or is the camera a paper clip? Does anybody has a official Panasonic Repair Guide/pdf by chance?

    I have looked around for a replacement shutter unit (in case it is a hardware failure) and its not exactly easy finding one (comparing to canons and nikons or even gf2/3 which are abundant and cheap etc). Any suggestions and help will be greatly appreciated!

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  • @luxis

    You still need to fully disassembly it and look closely.

    As for otherwise - videos do not need shutter at all (if it is open).

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Thanks for your response Vitaliy! I will carefully open it and see if anything mechanical. maybe its just the motor that's damaged.

    I found only this link where I can see the disassembly of it and also the shutter unit can be seen(even if only one side). Easy to open not so easy to close :|

    The only place to look for spares that has more variety is aliexpress, but gh2 parts are not easy to come along even there(old camera I guess). Do you have any other suggestions?

  • Do you have any other suggestions?

    Get spare Samsung NX300 kit for photo and use it for video. Will be cheaper than fix it with new shutter.

  • I'll see when I open it if I can keep the shutter in open position. Just video is better then nothing. As it is now the camera gives the message to off/on the camera. No other selection is available. Manually moving the blades into open position doesn't work, they come back.

    Is there a way to reset or enter some kind of repair/reset/service mode by combination of pressed keys on start up? just in case...before I open it.

    I have a gf2 as a spare/emergency photo camera but without viewfinder is difficult to use it with manual lenses.

    If no success will look for a used gh2 I guess at this point ( I just personally prefer to not create more tech waste especially if its a small issue of otherwise maybe working equipment)

  • This guy replaced his shutter:

  • @alcomposer Thanks for this video. Nice find! He was lucky to have just a small piece of plastic stuck. actually it looks like there is a hole where the hot shoe is, or is it just me ? Will arm myself with patience and try to open mine. Its not going to fix itself I guess ;) at least is rather modular and if steps are followed should be fine.

  • The same thing happened to my GH2 today. After all its been though, the shutter 'locked up' on a simple studio shoot. Same error message. Same shutter response. It opens slightly then gets stuck and closes again. I watched the video and read through the comments. Looks like I'll have to take the plunge and try to repair it myself. He mentioned using this tutorial for the camera breakdown:

    Update: I took it apart with the help of that video and the Life Pixel tutorial. Opened up the shutter mechanism and blew it out with air. Didn't find any debris. The blades moved smoothly. Reassembled everything easily and when I power up it's the same as before. There is a soft sound and the blades sometimes move a bit but they refuse to open and I get the error message. So I'm assuming it has something to do with a worn out motor?

    @luxis Were you able to repair yours?