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Stolen: GH5 + SLR Magic 35mm x2 T2.4 Anamorphic Lens
  • Dear P-V users As many of you are probably aware on the 6th April 2017 I had my GH5 and a SLR Magic 35mm x2 Anamorphic lens stolen from me in Barcelona in the area of Via Publica Urbana career d'en Monec.

    The GH5 serial is WG -PP001244.

    The SLR Magic lens had a white sticker with number which has probably been ripped off by now.

    Strangely enough, but it could be just coincidence, a similar lens has come on the market at ebay from a seller in Carlsbad, California, United States. Now it could very well have travelled that far in just over a week so Im not excluding it.

    I am considering first contacting Spanish Police to investigate with eBay but I was wondering about other people's experiences regarding possible sightings of their stolen goods and whether to just leave it be...

    I'd be interested to know other peoples ideas.

    Just a bit strange that this particular lens shows up! I don't expect I will ever see the camera again.

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  • SLR Magic use sticker to add serial to such lens? :-)

  • I think almost everyone here at the forum, is no stranger to the impotence and rage that is to cope with this issues.

    Personaly i was druged by a gas in a cab and got riped off. I was lucky enough to get home. I remember being a pain to the driver since im not that easy to manipulate (rugby for 15 years and jiujitsu for some others) and get expeled from the car near by home.

    i lost my hacked Gh1 and 4 lenses. The 14-140 the 100-300 a 50 super takumar 1.something and a standard canon zoom lens. Adapters baterys and memorys video tripod. was at night getting home.

    That next morning was one of the saddest and best days of my life for real. I didnt remeber anything and got Ripped all my equipment. My head hurt and i slowly begun to remeber. That day i decided to make my company and get money loan from some friends and got 14k and bought 2 gh2 and rest in equipment Wich i still use today @vitaliy knows since i was a pain in the ass buying stuff.

    This forum has see me grow in time. And sometimes good things happen from bad ones. Be resilent.

    good wishes and keep moving forward @driftwood

  • Cheers mate