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Panasonic GH5 camera, actual users feedback
  • Topic made only to feedback of actual users, do not post here link to reviews and such

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  • My GH5 has arrived:




    800 x 451 - 37K
    800 x 663 - 71K
    800 x 596 - 66K
    800 x 610 - 62K
    800 x 632 - 61K
    800 x 632 - 69K
    800 x 603 - 64K
    800 x 687 - 68K
  • Hi I really can't decide if I should get the Leica lens combo or not (I already have the 12-35 mk I on the gh4 plus other lenses). So what were the reasons of your choice? Thank you

  • I also have the 12-35 and there were 3 reasons:

    1: I wanted one, that works perfectly with the Dual IS in the GH5. The 12-35 mk I will not get that firmware update.

    2: I wanted the additional 25mm length of the 12-60, for sometimes I found the 35 too short. I hope, that the 2.8-4 of the 12-60 on the GH5 will be similar to the 2.8 of the 12-35 at the GH4, due to better high ISO capabilities of the GH5 and the Auto ISO settings of the GH5 in dedicated video mode.

    3: The 12-60 is 1000€ when you buy is as a single lens. In the bundle it was 599 €. You can not be wrong there buying it for that price. If I do not like it, I am sure I can sell it for a good price again. But I think I will keep it.

    I hope that helps.

  • @AKED Can you please take a series of shots on the wide end at 12mm f/2,8 and f/5,6 with both the 12-35mm f/2,8 respectively the12-60mm f/2,8-4 on the GH5? I'm very curios how sharp the new Leica lens is on the borders and corners against the old Pana 12-35mm lens. Thanks.

  • @AKED - I believe that the the 12-35 mk1 IS getting the firmware update for dual is 2..see page 21 of the below doc

  • @aked I share your thoughts in every aspect. I'm expecting a good picture quality also, being a Leica lens (if that matters). My doubts were about the great zoom excursion, wich I believe can have some drawbacks, and the non constant F aperture, that can be somehow unconfortable in fast actions. @Imackreath I'm afraid Panasonic changed their minds on that, it's been already discussed in other topics on this forum. They will sell mkII version for IS2 compatibility...

  • @lmackreath It is confirmed by Sean Robinson, one of two main Panasonic representatives for the GH5, that the 12-35 mk I and the 35-100 mk I will NOT get an Dual IS firmware update due to "technical problems" with the lenses. If it is true or a marketing strategie to sell more mk II I do not know. He said that during an interview with "Photo Joseph" despite the different original announcement in the .pdf.

    At 3:00 Minutes

  • At least Dual IS 1 works and from the interview Sean says it probably won't make a huge difference in video.

  • Maybe. @Eno I can only do that next week for I am travelling and teaching this weekend and have only the GH5 with me.

  • Quick crude video I shot this morning of the vlog asssist feature. The luts definitely don't look the same as they do in fcp x but still offer a huge improvement for shooting over using the standard log preview.. if anyone wants to see more stuff let me know

  • @AKED Next week is fine, thanks.

  • For video, I'm interested in how the kit lens performs in areas like focus breathing and if it stays at the same perceived brightness throughout the zoom range where the f4 constant aperture starts. If anyone could test that it would be great! Zooms seem to vary quite a bit from copy to copy so it's really hard to test other aspects of zooms, like sharpness and how they perform at a certain range, without a whole batch of them to compare. There is a really good blog entry on the difficulty of testing zooms over at lensrentals:

    Anyway, I love zooms but my Canon 24-105 f4 lens does get a lot darker at the far end of zoom to the point of requiring ISO changes while zooming. I usually stick with the lagest constant aperture I can use for my work, which is often in uncontrolled natural light settings, so I'm also wondering how the kit lens performs at the constant f4 in low light as opposed to 2.8? I guess I'm also curious how f4 on the GH5 will be on its 43 sensor in general compared to aps-c sensor on my Canon c100 but I may have to actually get my gh5 before I can test that one :)

  • Took my daughter out to learn how to ride a bike this afternoon after this strange yellow orb appeared in the sky above Scotland! I shot a mixture of standard all 0's and vlog-l with -5 sharpness and nr. I used a pre loaded lut in the vlogl assist mode to help nail the exposure. I have found that you cannot expose using one preloaded LUT in cam and then try and user another LUT in the edit as in most cases the exposure is off. If you use however the same lut in cam as well as in your edit you will find it exposes the same.

    Shooting standard all 0's really is tack sharp with lovely colour representation. I was shooting with the 12-35 mk1 which gives me dual is 1 and it really is great for stabilisation hand held. I dont think I would pay the extra to get the mk2 version for that extra .5 stop for dual is 2. I used a genustech variable nd and shot everything at 2.8 which was a bit too much for the vari nd at some points.

    uploading the footage now and will link it when ready. I graded the vlog-l footage with the filmconvert gh4 log profile. I had to bring the exposure down by 0.9 and bring up the shadows, I used the kodak 5207 stock.

  • What is awbc in the white balance menu?

  • @lmackreath it's supposed to suppress reddish tones in some lighting conditions where awb might not be as accurate or something like that :) page 39 of manual ;)

    Playing with mine today nice step up from gh4 most excited about the fact the body has about 5mm extra under where the lens is so I can get my 42.5 lens on with a standard long manfrotto plate without it hitting the lens and having to put a bit of a shim in :)

    4K auto focus is totally usable in fact it hardly missed a beat in normal usage where I would have been manual on the gh4 for sure.

    180fps looks lovely to my eye (edit: ok when i put it with the 4k I can see the difference :) but more than good enough for what I use it for and totally usable)

    Even without a lens with dual, single (in body or just lens) + e-stabalization even in 4K works really well didn't see any noticeable extra cropping or distortion yet.

    Hardly any cropping now so much better, my 10mm slr magic lens is fun and my workhorse 45-175 Is much more usable.

    Seems to use battery's quicker but then I was doing a lot of fiddling so not sure on that yet + some of mine are getting a bit old now.

    Dual cards work great.

  • trying to get my head around all the focusing options, what do people select for auto focus normally? afc aff afs? you select quick focus?,,half release focus? eye and face tracking?

  • Is it handheld?

  • is what handheld?

  • Couple of real world point and shoot examples might be of interest, you can certainly just get the shot in 4k and auto focus with the gh5 easier that the gh4 IMO

    I thought it did pretty well with the auto focus as well given all the shadows, zoom panning etc.

    I did give it quite a lot of data to encode for the 180 fps, I guess depending on the scene the quality may be better but good enough for what I need it for.


    4k autofocus 25fps10 bit origional and 50fps 8bit

  • Have to say one the things that impresses me most is the in body stabilzation when used with no stabilized lens. I have the 12-35 f2.8 mk1 and the 42.5 1.7 which both work with dual is 1 on the gh5 and the extra stability in them with their ois along with the onboard 5 axis is a strong improvement. the 5 axis bodys stabilisation powers are a lot more noticable with my 25 1.7 lens, which has no ois, and was useless to ever use handheld before. now I can hold it as if it were an ois lens used on a gh4!

  • One thing I've been struggling with so far is the focus peaking. I've never owned a camera with peaking before however I did try an EM1mki with a vintage minolta lens a few years back and it seemed great. Putting the same lens on the GH5 - I get a few sparkly dots now and then but it seems not to show up most of the time. Anyone got any thoughts? Are there any parameters I should try?

  • @Fost

    In the "focus peaking" menu you can select the strength of the peaking. Default is high (which is low actually) and if you want a higher degree of peaking you must select low (or something like this). One of the options is for wide angle lenses and greater DOF (that's way it's so subtle) and the other one is stronger (just right for bright apertures).

  • @umii You mention one of my favorite lens the 45-175. Can you give more detail on how it is working with the GH5. My GH5 to should ship tomorrow. That lens with my set of primes (12, 15, 20, 25, 42.5, N 100mm), has me looking forward to a lot of fun. Yes too many primes, I just don't want get rid of any of them, all has positives. Mostly I use the 12, 20, 42.5 and N 100.

  • How is performance of non-panasonic Zooms with the 5 axis stabilisation?

  • @Eno. Thanks - that helped! I've also looked using HDMI out to an external monitor and it's more noticeable there - it's almost like it gets dithered away on the EVF/built in screen. Will test a bit more anyway. I need to check other lenses.