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Tomorrow new camera from BM and Resolve news
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  • Good timing, just before the GH5 launch...might be the right solution for some if the price point is right and they have sorted issues out from the old bmpcc like battery life and codecs..

  • Yeah, that'd be sweet. Although the IBIS in GH5 seems pretty hard to give up now :D

  • I just hope they won't make livestream in original log profile like last time. :-)

  • Yah they will announce it tomorrow and ship it mid 2018 if you're lucky. Late 2017 they will come out and tell customers a key functionality about the camera will not be implemented.

  • Place your bets now on actual ship date, black-dot bug, fixed pattern noise, etc. One camera was enough for me, can't imagine going back for more.

  • Yeah - one can hope that BM has learned from their previous product launches and will actually be shipping this one within a short time of announcing it. Fingers crossed that they're finally announcing an updated BMPCC supporting 4K or more!

  • I don't think we will see a new camera , but rather some kind of an upgrade to the current 4.6k mini

  • 43rumors is reporting a new bmpcc ...and from the look of the picture design , it's more sophisticated . And what's that lever on the lens mount about and is that a smart hotshoe for evf ?

  • and will actually be shipping this one within a short time of announcing it.

    Just like Panasonic with GH5

  • @inqb8tr

    Like with any GH camera :-)

  • New camera is the Ursa Mini Pro. Not an updated BMPCC. :(

  • my native language is german,

    had he said that there will be later this year as accessoire an SSD Drive adapter to attache it for recording?

  • I guess yes, that's cool see 1:06:40