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Panasonic Lumix GH5 Testing Requests
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  • @tylerknight the dual IS on the MKI looks encouragingly good!

  • Sorry everyone I've been slammed with shoots this week and haven't gotten a chance to test as much as I can. I have to send the camera back Monday afternoon, but am going to be shooting today and tomorrow, and then sending the GH5 up on an octacopter on Monday to do some aerial tests!

    I will do my best to reply to everyone's requests

  • @cas1

    Shooting some videos today for you to test noise compression in shadows :)

    as for Continuous, I am going to hold off on any AF testing as the 0.5 firmware is nowhere near the level the production firmware will be so it won't be very accurate to test.

  • Also just wanted to point out something I noticed while shooting yesterday. The 1080 from the GH5 at 100mbps is INSANE I was blown away by the quality of the codec and how well it holds up. It looks MUCH better than any of the 1080 modes on the GH4. I filmed a funeral service with it (yes, morbid, and no I can't share that footage) but I will try and shoot some more in 1080 to showcase how nice it looks!

  • Hehe, Tyler, thanks man, but please test only what you think is important for you personally. Only do my suggestions when you think it's the best thing to do with your time. - I'm not a pro.

    Your 1080 reporting is very interesting! Looking forward to the arial shots and the study into shadow detail compression. Recendly I saw a few 8 and 10 bit shots going from medium to high ISO, and I was surprised to see the 8 bit looked much less noisier in the shadow areas. Where the 10 shined in the low ISOs.

    I wonder if there is a sort of practical lower ISO limit for 10bit? And can the 10 bit noise be easily, and nicely cleaned up? Is there a difference in 10 and 8 bit file sizes, shooting same scene? Do noisier files have a higher bitrate?

    Just thinking out loud, but just pick what you find truly interesting. Enjoy shooting!

  • Anamorphic 6KPhoto mode at 30p with my Intravenus2 3DLUT quick test... RAW like!!! :-)

  • @driftwood

    Just saw you post that, it looks incredible!!!

  • Shot in 4K UHD 10 bit 4:2:2 24p and 1080 180fps 24p (upscaled to 4k)

    Mostly Standard profile, but some v-log graded files as well.

    Lenses used: Lumix 12-35mm f2.8 MKI w/ Variable ND filter Lumix/Leica 45mm f2.8 macro

  • Sorry I haven't been active lately! I have been away on a shoot.

    I finally finished up editing a few videos from my testing with the GH5 shooting snowboarding, and skateboarding!

    I'm going to share them one at a time starting with this one from Mont-Tremblant in Quebec, Canada. It was about a 9 hour drive from where I live in some of the worst snow I have ever driven in personally!

    I'm really happy with how the camera handled at the mountain especially considering I didn't even bring a tripod or stabilizer. The entire video was shot handheld riding and stationary shots and worked incredibly!

    There are shots using 4k 24P 4:2:2 10bit, but mostly 4K 60p and a few HD 180fps slow motion shots!