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GH5 Panasonic camera, from anticipation to love or hate
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  • @markr041

    In terms of HFR, the GH5 does not seem to be an advance in quality over what we can get now with a number of Sony cameras.

    Well you first have 60 fps more, and not such a critical rollingshutter, that's things to consider. The quality is not amazing, I'm with you on that, but I'd treat it not as THE feature that seperates it from others like Sony. The seperation comes from rolling shutter (!) and recordable information (bitdepth, subsampling) :)

  • I was watching Gordon's market and night street footage with the CineD profile, and I wonder if you could preserve highlight (roll of) by adjusting the curves, contrast or some other way?

    The VlogL preserves the HL very nicely, with a smooth roll-off.

  • Panasonic GH5 - Picture Profiles [Photo Style]

  • We get so many video samples. Is it possible from people who have access to a GH5 also to post some photos or a link to photos, especially to pictures with people, to se how the GH5 handles skintones. Thanks.

  • Looks like an interesting process used by James Miller, burning a lut in, using an external recorder and producing some nice footage. I'm sure the Zeiss Otus helps too :)

  • The James Miller footage looks great. Nice highlight handling and the skin tones look very natural.

  • Kai's 'pre-review' is boring. He doesn't bring any interesting news or views, and his jokes have become boring too.

  • The GH5 certainly looks like a nice camera but I think the GH4 still has a lot of life left as a compact 4k camera. It's lighter and still produces a great image when used with care and skill, unlike Kai, who manages to shoot some very ordinary looking video with the GH5.

  • For the focussing testing:

  • GH5 ISO lowlight test 8 and 10 bit comparison as well as to the GH4

  • GH5 10 bit is noisier than 8bit, must be too much data for the internal noise reduction processing.

  • @inqb8tr

    did you also notice that there's a lot more detail? My wild guess is that the 10bit 422 codec of the GH5 with its higher bandwidth is able to capture more actual detail (which includes noise) than the GH4 where it gets smudged away. In his beard, it's really awful on the GH4.

    However, even though it appears to be noisier, the footage will clean up a LOT better than the GH4 is you really want to, with noise reduction in post

  • @CameraRick

    I think that more apparent detail in high ISO 10 bit mode is just due to lesser noise processing. Just by looking at the high ISO 8 bit footage you can tell that there are NR artifacts, specially softness of fine details.

    Didn't do the maths, but I think that the 150mbps codec for 10 bit is actually lower bandwidth than the 100mbps is for 8 bit recording.

    If the NR could be turned off it would be a fair comparison between how noisy the sensor really is at any mode. Still looks a lot better then the GH4, and besides the noise and details, there is lot less color change/blockiness.

  • @inqb8tr When memory serves me right, the GH4 never really was at 100mbit, more 80, and the GH5 (at least that Neumann footage) was a bit above 150mbit, more 170-200mbit. That can of course be because of the Beta FW, but it seems to be double at the moment. That should fetch the additional info quite well :)

    I don't know, I don't feel it's that sort of NR artifacts, to me it looks more like Codec smudge of too little bandwidth. But I don't know for sure, obviously. What I know is, I feel that the GH5 produces a MUCH more appealing image :)

  • I agree that it definitely would benefit from a bit more bits per second. Hopefully they will deliver the higher bitrates when they finish this cat and mouse play with speedy sd cards availability/pricing.

  • @CameraRick I believe that was earlier versions of the firmware. My GH4 footage averaged 95mbps

  • I wonder why nobody tests GH5 18 Mpixel 10bit HEVC video. It should be very good when down scaled properly to 4k.

  • I notice several people have been mentioning that they find the GH5 image preferable to the GH4 image. What about the GH5 image as compared to the G7, G85 and the GX85? I am looking to obtain 2 m43 cameras to record 4K interviews and I'm trying to determine if the indoor low light and skintones on the GH5 are better enough to warrant the much higher price for a 2 camera setup?

  • Better skin tones on the BMPCC