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Panasonic G7 topic, 4K castrate monster or GH4 for poor
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  • @DrDave

    The G7 and other cheap Panasonics are even better than 2000$ E-M1 mk2 in 4k video. Still Panasonic is quite far from good 4k resolution. I hope that GH5 will be much better because it down scales from 5-6k sensor.

    1078 x 1044 - 280K
  • $447 vs $3500 - 5D Mark IV vs G7- 4K video compared!

    Yes! I found it before MikeLinn!

  • @Vesku

    Yes! I found it before MikeLinn!

    I think we need to make small donations prize for this, any who donated will participate and one who find best video will get all :-)

  • Any issues so far with service mode pal ntsc switch?

  • Also, any recs for a drone to use with G7? If I can find a reasonably priced drone+gimbal combo for G7, it will save from having to buy another camera.

  • Panasonic G7, GX85 and G85 has much cleaner video in high iso than GH4. How is it possible because GH4 sensor gets better results in high iso in DXOmark than those newer models?

  • Different (newer) video processing, with better (more) noise reduction.

  • @Vesku because the score doesn't tell you which one is better.

  • RAW sensor comparison:

    1020 x 1049 - 510K
  • @aldolega

    Different (newer) video processing, with better (more) noise reduction.

    I wonder why Panasonic has not added this better NR processing to GH4 if the sensor is as good or better? GH4 has got several FW updates and has more processing power than cheaper models.

  • Not everything is done by firmware. A lot of camera processing is done by LSI chips and therefore can't be upgraded by firmware.

  • Since I got a G7 - here are some setting from another review...

    this camera is significantly better in my opinion than the GH4 , rigged up correctly it is a very serious film making tool and a very good price for what it delivers all the tests where done 24p UHD 4k in Natural Profile contrast -5, saturation -5 (I did not use Cine D we tested it alot and it takes too much correction to get it back usable. ) Maximum ISO I used was up to 800 , I'm lighting sets to f2.8 and max 800 ISO is cool , I'm down at 400 and 320 alot .

  • Also, was it resolved if the HDMI out was 8-bit or 10-bit ?

  • Yesterday I received my G7. I have been working for the last years with GH2 and G6 for documentary. I have a couple of questions. When I start recording, the light blue peak pixels around the sharp areas are much stronger then before. I would like to have them always strong, for better focusing. How does that work? What are your photo style suggestions for the G7? I was trying to find some opinions in forums about the ETC mode on the G7. How much does it crop? Does ETC make sense, when you are editing on a 1080p time line, when you can do the cropping in editing anyway? If anybody uses FCPX, is there a way to check how much % percentage are you cropping (up to 200% cropping should be without quality loss)? Do you use Neat Video before cropping? When you are shooting AVCHD mode, can you always record on 50p instead of 24p, does it make a significant difference? Because if you are recording 50p with a 100 shutter you can convert your footage always into a decent slow motion. Thanks for your opinions.

  • Could a chromebook user kindly download and install Panasonic Image App on their chromebook ? Can you use it with a Panasonic Lumix G7 ?

  • Panasonic Lumix DMC-G7 Mirrorless Camera w/14-42mm Lens, Black w/$150 Gift Card for $597


  • I think Adorama changed the ad, it now says $797 w/free $150 gift card.

  • Re: AF Issues in the GH5: I have had problems with AF in 4K mode with my G7 cameras. It could be that this problem is more widespread. Obviously, the workaround is MF, but sometimes it is either handy or necessary to have AF.

  • Looking at the video comparison on dpreview, I notice that the G7 has slightly better contrast and DR compared to the GH5. There's a slight difference in sharpness, which could be the camera settings, which varies across the screen.

  • Panasonic Lumix DMC-G7 Mirrorless Camera with 14-42mm Lens Black w/Free Acc Bund back in stock for $497

  • Can someone tell me how can i unlock the 30 minutes limit on my g7? I've heard of a "octopus boot". But i was unable to find more information, about it!

  • Has anyone tried to match G7 to gh1 ? I can't get the look just right. Gh1 seems a bit greenish.

  • @zcream if you have both G7 and GH1 shoot a colour checker and make a LUT that matches, maybe?