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Pergear CRI96+ LED Panels
  • Has anyone here used any of Pergear's ultra-high CRI panels? The specs and design look very nice, build quality looks solid, and the price isn't bad. I just ordered a set of 960-LED panels. I will post a review once I have a chance to use them on a shoot.

    Specs for the 960-LED model (there is also a larger 1440-LED model):

    • CRI 96+
    • 960pcs high quality LEDs, 9800lux/ 0.5m
    • LED Quanity: 960pcs
    • Voltage: DC 14.8V; Power: 58W
    • Lumen: 9800LUX/ 0.5m
    • Color Temperature: 5500K (±50)
    • Adjustable brightness with a variable dimmer knob
    • 360-degree rotatable head
    • Aircraft aluminum alloy construction
    • Weight: aprox.1562g/ 55oz
    • Dimension: approx. 41220048mm/ 16.227.871.89in
    • Compatible with Sony V-Lock batteries
    • Includes a soft diffuser, power cable, adapter and storage bag
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  • I've been using this for about a week now, and am very happy with it. It isn't quite as bright as I thought it would be, but it's bright enough for me. Color temperature seems to be 5500K right on the money, and it clearly a very high quality light. Build quality is first rate aluminum, and I love how thin it is. I could easily fit a few of these into a Pelican, and take them to a field shoot thanks to the battery power. I don't own any V-locks yet so I haven't been able to test how quickly it eats through them, but I look forward to testing that soon.

    It's quiet and cold as death itself.

    I'll be buying another 960 and a 1440 soon for a 3-panel LED kit.

  • I wonder if the Neewer versions are exactly the same. They've really begun to up the quality of their stuff lately.

  • Interesting. I don't think they are identical. The Neewer apparently has two color temps where the Pergear only has one. That is a nice feature if you need it, but it does come at the expense of brightness at either full daylight or full tungsten. The reviews on the Neewer complain about color temp and accuracy... I'm very happy with mine in that regard. One reviewer also complained about a crappy plastic mount on the Neewer. The Pergear has an aluminum mount.

  • thanks. Good to know.

  • I'm not familiar with the Sony V Lock--is it easy to use?
    Also, do the panels get hot, or change color and brightness as they heat up?

  • the Pergear has bicolor too

  • Both seems to be just US rebranding of same manufacturer in China.

  • @peaceonearth - the 960LED Pergear does not have bicolor, but some of the other sizes do.

  • you were mentioning the 1440 above - they are bi-colors!

    @Vitaliy_Kiselev which manufacturer and is there any experience of quality?

  • some of these panels seem to be rebranded Dracast panels, though the Dracast ones are much nicer and come with amazing customer support. Hence the much higher price. I've always wondered who the real manufacturer is.

  • ? what? The Dracast is 995USD for a 5500K panel, the Pergear which looks identical is 279€. Someone seem to make real money by re-labeling

  • Make sure to see actual tests and comparisons before making assumptions.

    A bunch of us bought Axrtec lights (made by Dracast) on sale at BHphoto and then noticed that there were other Chinese brand models that looked identical in every way, but were even less expensive. A couple of guys over at bmcuser bought them and compared. The color quality was all over the place with the knockoffs.

    Here is the thread: