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FloLight BladeLight
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  • This light looks amazing. It looks like it can get as soft as a Kinoflo, but it has way more lumens. I'm grabbing two of the 36 inch versions and one of the 18 inches in Daylight. I'll post some photos when I get them, it may be a few weeks since.

  • Looks great but the don't sell it in Europe at a dealer. They ask for 280USD shipping instead

  • Go to DVXuser and read the large thread for the pre-orders. The light is great, but there are concerns that early users have raised and you will want to read about them to see if it matters to you.

  • Looks like an aquarium light : ) but the big question any reviews on the actual quality of the light?

  • plenty. Just google it.

  • The main criticism has to do with the ballast. It's large and very heavy. Quality of light is reportedly very good. However, again, just google it and go to the thread about it on There are plenty of early adopters there who can answer any questions and there is a ton of info in the thread.