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MIA: Where is Vitaliy?!
  • It's been 4 or 5 days since anyone's heard from our dear friend and fearless leader Vitaliy. Inquiring minds are beginning to wonder where he is...and what he's doing? I've come up with some ideas - let's vote on which one you think it is and see who's right.

    Option 1: He has a new girlfriend and they're on a 72 hour sex marathon consisting of nothing except sex, pizza, and vodka.

    Option 2: He has joined the Proletariat revolution, and is currently entrenched somewhere with comrads, pinned down in a bunker taking heavy fire from some capitalists. Cell phone battery has died, so he can't access remotely. Waiting for backup to return home safely.

    Option 3: He has decided to take a few days to chill and relax, waiting to see how long it takes for us to come looking for him. While giving his mind a rest and taking a long bath, he has a eureka moment, discovering a way to hack the GH1 to get 12 bit 4K at 256 Mb/s!

    Option 4: The new tools including spectrometer have finally arrived and he has immersed himself in equipment testing. He has lost all sense of time. When we hear from him next, he will publish results of tests.

    My guess is option 1, but for our sake I'm rooting for Option 3! What do you think?

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  • None of those 4. I know he will be back soon and it is upon him to reveal or not to reveal the reason for his absence for this while.

    Just to make you all aware of that fact, that he works 7 days a week with no holidays for this community. To keep the quality of the content high and the community free of advertising.

    I think we all take this it for granted, but it is not be a given.

  • @matt_gh2

    I changed title slightly, as we are not friends with you yet, at least looking at this topic.

    You have severe issues if you list such "options".

    But I can fully 100% promise you 2 first options improved and combined - it'll be proletariat revolution not far from now right where you live and it can happen that some big black worker can think something about marathon :-) This is my sort of humor,

  • I apologize if original post was insensitive or offensive. (Feel free to delete it if you prefer.)

  • its strange to be talking about another mans sex life.........I'd delete the post

  • its strange to be talking about another mans sex life........

    From one side - yep.

    But 72 hour marathon sounds attractive, sometimes. Sadly I do not drink vodka and don't eat pizza.

  • All russian drinks vodka like all Spanish are Toreros. Ole!!

  • Hmmmm - No offence, but its not a scenario I needed in my head while eating my breakfast the other morning :)