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California Skatepark Trip
  • Did a 3 week trip through California in September Everything shot on GH4 in Cine D and Samyang 7.5mm or Canon 24-105mm

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  • Real nice video. A few ideas for you. If you can get a wide lens that doesn't have fisheye effect, that would be cool. Also maybe introduce closeups on guys earlier so audience gets to know em, maybe have em talk about what tricks they're trying to hit. Also maybe some slow-mo with 60 fps or just do slow mo in video editor. Imagine a shot where a guy hits a trick they were talking about, you slow-mo it, then add words on screen that say what it is... "front wheelie to rail slide to 360" (or whatever it'm not a skater). I like the shots where you're following them closely (guess that was you on skateboard behind them - nice shooting tex!). All in all great video. Thanks for posting. Def has that nice California surf vibe. Well done sir

  • Thanks Matt! Thing is, most in skateboarding is shot with fisheye and it was more like a "just film and lets see what we get" situation without a concept. I would love to do more wide angle shots (did so in my other videos), but those are more difficult to do when following. I did 90% of the filming, driving and trip planing and I needed to push myself to get some tricks as well haha. So giving my friends the camera with a fisheye is way easier than explaining how to handle a certain situation. No one of those dudes is talking in front of a camera, makes them feel awkward :D

    Thanks again, it was a fun trip and I love Cali!