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Panasonic GH1 SD Card Door
  • OK so I have been a reader on this forum for quite a long time, even before I made an account, but this is my first post, I have a GH1 which I still think is an awesome camera for the work I do, I don't see the point in spending lots of money on a newer model if the GH1 does all I want + without the stupid EU 30 minute time limit thanks to the hack, I like to do timelapse's and so the no limit recording time is a feature that only a brand new GH4 can support but £1k is way too much for a 17y/o to spend on a camera

    So that's where this comes in, the SD card door on my GH1 recently broke, not sure how but it has, it don't latch properly at the front of the camera making it protrude, I saw a post about this on personal-view where someone fixed it by gluing a needle to it, but with quite vague directions, the only other solution I can think of is either buying a used G1/GH1 just for a door, or to somehow figure out how to fix my door

    Does anyone have an idea of how it can be fixed? pictures would really help here as I have no idea what a non broken door looks like, its not one of them things I really paid attention to before it broke

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  • Did you manage to source the part ?

  • Unfortunately not, I am using a small dot of blutak just to keep it shut so its not uncomfortable to hold but I think the only option would be to by a spares/repairs Panasonic G1/GH1, use same SD card door.

    Was a post on forum about gluing a small metal pin to the broken door to fix it but instructions where very vague unfortunately and I tried a couple of ways but couldn't see exactly whats broken and how I would glue something on it to fix

  • There are parts, but Panasonic wants to install them, so I actually never heard of anyone getting the part. I used slow set crazy glue to rebuild the little bumps that held the door shut. If the camera works, do you really need the door?

  • I did try something like that but it worked for a little bit before the dried glue pealed off, maybe I used too little or something, so far the little tiny dot of blutak in corner of door is working great, just have to redo it every so often, quite tacky.

    I am still thinking of buying a G1 just for door, their super cheap on eBay these days.

    And you are right, door isn't needed, camera is working great for me still, love my GH1, but I am the sort of guy where everything must be correct, be awesome if someone could do a 3d scan of a door so could be 3d printed, maybe I am overthinking this now though.

  • Did you use slow set crazy glue gel?

  • Although not prettiest solution, if adhesive solutions arent working, perhaps try rubber band around camera, assuming you can fasten it without interference of LCD screen or any sensors in front of camera or lens/lens mount. Another option would be those velcro cable tie fasteners that can be tightened. Here's a link to some that are 20" in length - would have to meaure GH1 to see length needed to get around body. Also check velcro won't cause static issue.

    These arent pretty or professional solutions, but might be best way to keep the SD card door shut to minimize dust risk over time.

    Good luck sir.

  • Ha! I remember the rubber band on the GH1. It does work. I have a rubber band on my Sigma 60mm which makes it perfect. Still looking for a black rubber band for cheap.

  • Very cool. Sometimes you gotta improv.

  • A company got back to me, very kind of them to reply, that can supply SD Card Door for £33.00 + postage (£4.99)! Well, I paid £89 for my camera so I might use another method to keep it in place.

  • @drdave not sure what I used, was some pound shop stuff so might of been fast set but did leave 24 hours to make sure it was fully set

    @teshuk £33 is stupid for such a small item, especially when you factor in the cost of camera, I paid about same as you for my GH1, dont regret it but this small SD card door is being more of a pain than its worth

  • £33 is stupid for such a small item, especially when you factor in the cost of camera, I paid about same as you for my GH1, dont regret it but this small SD card door is being more of a pain than its worth

    Love capitalism - start to love also consequences, as price is not related to cost to manufacture and it made up knowing that many will need it.

    Gh5 price is made absolutely same as your door price. By left leg of top manager after drinking two liters of sake.