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Waterproof drone - Aguadrone - kickstarter
  • Hey people, Here is a unique twist on the drone wars. A small American company have come up with a competitively priced waterproof drone with interchangeable 'pods' to allow one to drop bait, scan for fish using sonar and film above or below water with a camera.

    The thing can land and take off from water. I think its genius and this may be the first drone I have shown a serious interest in. I am a mad keen fisherman ( not very good I might add ) but the ability to cast your lure far from shore is intriguing. I am also sure that I can fashion a DIY pod for my BMPCC. After all it is just a screw in type. Then it becomes a true jack of all trades.I envision using some silicon to make the negative mould and use some polyurethane to make just about any accessory I want to dangle from it.

    I have backed it. I hope it gets support

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  • bmpcc could be too heavy for this, right?

  • No idea - but on the kickstarter page the creator said he has used fishing lures up to 5 pounds. Quote

    "If you fly the drone out to far and lose signal the drone will fly home Automatically, it can also carry 3 lb baits, I have tested it with even 5 lb baits but it drains battery life much faster the more weight you carry."

    So I reckon it is doable as the BMPCC with pancake lens isn't so heavy. He also answered a question of mine about a gimbal.

    I have added the full quote from the kickstarter page as it contains some more info that may be useful in answer to many questions I had.

    "Range of flight is appx 1100 meter, just over half a mile, but check your local laws. US FAA requires you fly within line of sight. 2 batteries will fit inside the drone (see the CAD drawings Battery mount that has two seats for the batteries). You can run one or two batteries in the drone at the same time. Additional batteries can be purchased after the campaign on our website. Charge time is about 40 minutes on our charger. Flight time does vary, but expect to get 18 minutes of flight time. There is a lot that alters flight time; ambient elements, battery charge, payload weight, and of course, how aggressive you're flying. We are coming out with a gimbal very soon. Our goal is offer one that is fully waterproof with the quick change feature. more to come! The AguaDrone comes equipped with the industry standard 1/4-20 receiver for other cameras and attachments. In addition, we are working on the OS Pod, which will aloow you to easily attach your own device, providing power and remote connectivity on our quick change system. We do have a camera mount on our new Fish Pod, and provide an PFV camera and a 4.3" monitor in the Fisherman's Kit and the Ultimate Kit. Take a look at the gallery pics for the FPV kit and the new Fish Pod with camera mount. What happens if we don't get backed fully? We will still drive to bring AguaDrone to market. We believe we're onto something; there is no other drone on the market that has a full compliment of accessories. And we have so many new pods we want to develop and bring to you. A fully modular, all weather drone."

    In addition the HD camera is now FREE with any drone kit. It was previously an add on.