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1000$ camera... what is the best choice (mainly for video)?
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  • I do not know specific about NX1 check the topic (as I do not have one), but on NX500 hack works, but due to memory leak you need to limit length to about 70 minutes.

  • Jumping in on this thread late in the game but anyone have any real world experiences with the NX1. Been using the a6300 for my B cam. Unless I shoot 1080p the overheating thing is really one looks silly changing batteries and putting cool packs on a camera. I'm curious if this fellow went with an NX1. I may also consider the D500 instead of the NX1..thoughts?

  • Agreed. I just found an NX1 as a B cam for 600 bucks to replace an a6300 that drove me nuts. Really happy so far.

  • I upgraded from the Gh2 to the NX1. I have to admit, that for me both cameras took some time to fall in love with. I had (and still have) a Nikon D80 from 2006 and i still think the colour and the overall stills quality in good light is superior to the Gh2. Dynamic range of the D80 is clearly worse, but the photos still look great anyway. I personally also have problems with the colour sience of the NX1, and this affects video more than stills, because you can shoot raw pictures and develop the colours yourself. The video footage of the NX1 is gradeable, but i find it pretty difficult. The preset colours do not satisfy me and whitebalance is also not on the same level of Canon and Nikon. At least i have some codec issues. Although high Bitrate h.265, the codec broke twice by filming fine white structers. I see sometimes same flickering artefacts on NX1 YouTube Videos, i thought it was YouTube, but mine produces sometimes exactly the same flickering artefacts. Maybe i should install a hack. Last but not least AF, dynamic range and low light is not the greatest of its class. The noise reduction leads tu mushy faces, pretty unusable above iso 1600. Beside that, there are many good things to say. I love the ergonomics, it is fast, rock solid and the 4k Image has an electrifying clarity. Slowmotion is quite usable, too. The NX1 also does some special Magic in Scenes, where the Frame is partly lit with sun light, although dynamic range is not on pair with the sonys. I don't know what it is, but partly lit objects have some very special glow. Also Skin tones rearly gain in such situations.

    All in all it is still not the perfect camera, but i enjoy shooting with it more and more. After the overwhelming reactions in spaces like this, my hopes were to high. It still has issues, but hey, which camera is perfect?

  • Buy the g7 on sale for 400 body and 500 with lens

  • Really surprised how much VK has recommended the NX1 despite not owning one himself. I've found the rolling shutter on it unbearable for most handheld work not to mention how easy it is to get artifacting with dynamic scenes (codec not fully ripe?). Yes it's a 4k super35 mini cam, which on paper sounds great. Image wise- leaves a lot to be desired. And in regards to lenses - yes cheap.. but because their market has pretty much died with the death of Samsung camera line. If you need camera for short run and will be on sticks, then maybe consider. Otherwise many other great options now and even 1 year ago.

  • Really surprised how much VK has recommended the NX1 despite not owning one himself.

    I have NX500 :-) NX1 I tried.

    Samsung made good cameras. Not ideal, yes. I do not use 4K frequently, but no issues with rolling shutter in 1080p, I think it is actually smaller compared to m43 cameras. But HEVC is very good compact storage codec.

  • The G7 maybe the best and cheapest Camera if you are on a budget, but has no slomo, which i find important for an Allrounder. I use the slomo for nearly every single Project.

  • Nothing wrong with G7 (I have three), and now that the G85 is fixed it is still a bit overpriced but very good value.

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