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Anti-Trump Protests
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  • Well.. it means that this people just do not understand their core interests. They just kind of do not like something, but don't know exactly that.

    The philosophy of the anarchists is bourgeois philosophy turned inside out.


  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev -- I agree about the primacy of the economy, which all social and cultural issues arise from. But that feeling is shared by many of the protesters I've met, too. Many of them disliked Hillary nearly as much as they dislike Trump. I think many of them would have protested her winning, too. Many of them are anarchists and socialists, for that matter.

  • @bannedindv

    I am sad to upset you, but such things as "professionals" class does not exist, same as "middle" class.

    You still belong to proletariat. Until you own your means of production and work for yourself.

  • It's not "good news" it just reinforces your point about economics and makes it clearer to me where the divide grows from. I would consider myself a "professional" who clawed my way up from the "working class" , I guess I can easily say the Obama years here in America have been some of the happiest of my personal life, despite health care cost increase. No one person or system is perfect, but I feel like I've stood a chance over the last eight years to escape crushing economic downturn.

  • @bannedindv

    Can you point any good thing in this article, for me it is all that main media told the masses always.

    Usual capitalists article with redefinition of usual terms and pushing things that does not matter.

  • I see what you mean Vitaliy.

    Great article a friend of mine just shared to me:

  • It's not the economic policies, it's the social policies, concerns about the environment, open racism, open sexism.

    You mean this seriously? I mean that racism, sexism and environment are not actually consequences of economics?

    Where is good quote of smart man of all this:

    To decide once every few years which members of the ruling class is to repress and crush the people through parliament--this is the real essence of bourgeois parliamentarism.

    Same apply to any elections in capitalism.

  • It's not the economic policies, it's the social policies, concerns about the environment, open racism, open sexism.

  • @Sangye

    What all this people are protesting against exactly?

    I mean that exact proposed economic policies of Trums are so unusual and different from Hillary?

  • Thank you for doing this!

    Please support the Change.Org petition to request electoral college to make their vote for the national popular vote (Hillary) - even if you don't like Hillary this will send a message of change. Personally I do support Hillary, and I can't stand to see this nation fall into the hands of Trump and Pence.

  • @Sangye Great work - keep it up. I'm not sure exactly which media outlets are covering all this and how they are, but I would submit this to various news channels (cable TV, online, whatever). Hopefully they'll broadcast it. Even if they would co-opt it to support "establishment democratic politicians", it still has value if broadcast...any demonstration against power and corruption is good. Great work.