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Help a teem with limited budget to choose a good camera
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  • So, plan is as follows

    1. Get some work around your place, may be sit with some baby, may be do something for neighbor
    2. Get best camera that you can, here already many had been mentioned
  • I never be a professional just a hobbies photo/video. But it seems logical for me, if someone in tight super budget would learn if videography is their passion then start with as low as GH1 with kit lens or one single 24/28mm manual lens. When they assure on videography then they could directly jump to the latest gear and skip all the intermediate like G7 etc. That is my humble opinion.

  • @yskunto

    My even more humble opinion is to stay away from GH1 and GH2, due to their AVCHD containers and all weird stuff. Much simpler is to have stable progressive MP4 files and over good things like remote control.

  • So Vitaliy - If we should avoid GH1 and GH2, then what are your list of recommendations?

  • What's the sudden deal with mts? We've used it for years and now it's a no no?

  • @brudney

    Nothing wrong, except that it is not handly and can sometimes cause weird behavior of some software.

  • I totally understand where vitaley is coming from. My dad's fz38 also is a pain to deal with for videos due to the mts format.

    Other than the Samsung NX range, what other recommendations can you give?

  • I got my sony a5100 for 273 pounds last year. If you are not in a hurry, Amazon had it at that price several times during the black friday offer period. If you do not mind buying second hand, which I am guessing you don't, I would check ebay. I am sure some people will be selling theirs for less than that.

  • I'd go for Panasonic G6 over a GH2, is basically the same price secondhand. But you get 60fps 1080 slow motion and focus peaking and WiFi. Only significant thing you lose vs GH2 is live HDMI out.

  • @brudney I'm not selling my three G7s, but neither do I ever take my GH2 out of the bag unless I need more than 12 cameras.
    Almost as good as a GH4? Absolutely better at some things, but overall not as good as a GH4. Better for hyperfocal shots in good light. Better than the GH2.
    As for serious, all I do every day is crank out videos, and, yes, the Note 4 is slightly better than the GH2, on balance. You can't put the Olly 75 on it for shallow DOF, but it out resolves the GH2 no problem.
    Some of us in 1080p world think you need 4K because it gives you way better 1080p, some people don't think so. I see a big difference; you may see it different.

    @camerahacks if you are not going to do video and just want to learn the basics of photography, as well as take portraits of family and friends, sad to say Olympus or Fuji are both better stills cams. I picked up several Olly m4/3 cams cheap on eBay used for my students and they are a super value. They have built in IS, which the older Panasonics do not. There's a huge array of things you can add on to the m4/3 system which is why a lot of us use it, but you have lots of choices. I just use the Panasonics because I do 90 percent video.
    Whatever you get, if you are using it to learn photography, make sure it has full manual controls and can do raw stills.

  • I can pick up a G6 at a reasonable price. Question is, can it fit many of the old manual lenses and is it expensive to buy lenses for it compared to other brands?

  • I would advise G6 over GH2, having owned both

  • Thanks adam. What about the lenses though?

  • The G6 is OK, but if you can get it with its original kit lens, the 14-42 II Lens (there are several of these, this is the small "mark II" version, that's a very good lens for a kit lens with IS built into the lens.
    The G6 can take most old lenses with a cheap $14 adapter from eBay. However, unlike Olympus, your old MF lenses will not be stabilized, which is why at the low price range you should consider the Olympus bodies, especially for photos.

  • Thanks DrDave. I was hoping to purchase it on ebay, but it seems that price is going higher and higher all the time, lol

    I've also seen the Sony A58 which has very similar features to the G6, except its a DSLR.

  • Check G7 here for $500 with 14-42 lens. Great camera for your needs. Get this, maybe someone will cover half for you as an early Christmas gift (yo Dad, help the lad out with a great starter camera!).

  • Matt_gh2.....I wish that was possible, but I won't ask my dad as he's already struggling with making ends meet and I don't want to stress him out further with more demands. I'd rather not bother buying anything at all if I can't afford a decent one.

  • @camerahacks

    You don't need to ask anyone or sit on forums, you go and find work, any work, dirty or such, if you really into it.

  • Other options include talking to your friends to see if anybody has a camera you can borrow to try out and possibly share with friends. Also if you're able to find something reasonably priced at Best Buy they have a liberal return policy which extends through January 15th for purchases made through the holidays I believe. So if you find something reasonably priced you'll have ample time to try it out and make sure the image quality and everything works as you hoped it would.

  • Vitaliy, with all due respect, the camera I'll be purchasing will be from savings that I've built whilst doing the odd jobs....I don't know if ur aware, but it's illegal in uk for kids under 16 to work....however, voluntary or odd-jobs are fine.

    Anyway guys, I hope u can forgive me as I've gone with my heart and just chosen the camera that I's a Fuji X-M1

  • I don't know if ur aware, but it's illegal in uk for kids under 16 to work....however, voluntary or odd-jobs are fine.

    Formally it can be such, in reality if you want to collect money it is not issue.

    Anyway guys, I hope u can forgive me as I've gone with my heart and just chosen the camera that I's a Fuji X-M1

    Well, nothing surprising. Deep inside you always have small something that want to make "own choice" and "choose by heart" :-)

    People here offered you advice about cameras who have good video first and are very affordable.