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stepdown ring that does not add length to lens?
  • Does anyone know of a stepdown ring that looks more like a thread adapter? Meaning that it has a thread on the inside and one on the outside and would not increase the length of the lens it is attached to?

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  • I have been interested in this myself.

    you may have to make it yourself. Ex: take one that is too thick, add another ring(s) to it to hold on to and then apply the surface you want to shave off to a belt sander, rotary sander, etc. The aluminum will be affected by the sanding, but, slowly. Wash throughly to get all the metal shards off (solvent works well). Apply sharpie or similar black color to freshly exploded metal. Done.

    I have not done this yet myself, but, it's my plan.

  • A year ago i was looking for a similar piece. I need to separate 1mm the 12-35mm front element from the rear element of Optex anamorphic. They were both 58mm threat. So i need a 58 to 58 step ring that couldnt find anywhere. The solution that a friend told me was to buy a cheap 58mm UV filter and remove the glass of it. Thats how i get my 58 to 58 step ring.

    Thats not exactly your problem, but want to share. Maybe some chinesse steps down fit your needs.

  • i guess one could get this manufactured at a decent price. its just 2 threads in a piece of metal. but still, I was hoping this existed already :-D thanks cfreak and grimor :)