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GH4 — Use iPhone as wireless monitor
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  • @blazer003 @gabilourson

    I'm a shooter myself, and the $30 price tag is based on what I think is the most I would pay if someone else made this app. I think it's a fair price since I'm doing development, support, bug fixes and marketing all in my spare time.

    If you think the app is nice, but not a must have, then you're free to keep using the beta for free. You're giving me valuable feedback, and in return you're not paying a cent. That's a good deal, no? :)

    Oh, and none of the apps in the list mentioned requires custom graphics rendering code across two platforms. This is why anamorphic desqueeze and image controls don't add any lag, even on an iPhone 4S. Just saying! ;)

  • Nice work @mjas

    @Vitaliy_Kiselev regarding multi-cam connection this could be achieved as long as cameras and smartphone connect to an access point (which seems logical if you need multicams, unless if you're a Youtuber...).

    @mjas it would be nice if you'd distribute the source code for free to let people investigate advanced features you're not willing to develop yourself, just sayin'

  • @lenuisible Everything needed to develop the apps is already available in your generous post. The one big thing left is to figure out which bits in the header corresponds to which camera settings ... so far I think the following applies.

    Byte 143 -- ISO?

    Byte 140 -- EV?

    Byte 72 & 73 -- aperture?

  • tested the app with G80 and its working OK, just with the workaround (open first IMG APP and then Scopes)

  • @mjas That is a great offer, to use the beta for free, and I will continue to test and play with it for sure. But morally, I feel it is wrong to use it professionally and not pay for it. Just like someone using my footage.

    Like I said, I do fully support your right to make the price whatever you want, and I do hope people buy it, and I may buy it because I saw how you began it, and I feel like I know this project personally, but I just wanted to share that if this was an app out in the wild, I don't think I'd pay that much for it, just so you'd at least have that honest perspective. Keep up the great work!

  • @blazer003 Fair enough. :)

  • @mjas

    Byte 143 -- ISO?

    Byte 140 -- EV?

    Byte 72 & 73 -- aperture?

    I spent some time yesterday evening playing with my GX7, and yes, you're right.

    I will add :

    Byte 85 & 86 -- SS

    Byte 109 -- Dial Mode

  • G80 with Roundabout + Anamorphic

  • totally agree with @blazer003

  • @mjas any way of having the beta 4 android? great work btw

  • @mjas

    Btw, I love this topic.

    As it is that PV is about - smart men doing useful things.

  • @fomalhaut3 Yeah send me your email and i will add you to android beta

  • Thank you for android beta link! I tried to connect with no luck on GH3. I selected remote shooting and view in movie mode and connected to the camera wifi using my phone. Then started the app but it sait it was not connected to the camera wifi.

    I tried staring the Lumix link and image apps before, but it did not help. Any special procedure for the GH3?


  • I also couldn't get the Android beta to recognize my gh3 after successfully connecting it with two separate Android devices. The app worked with the gh4 on both devices.

  • Android Beta works with GX80 (Galaxy S7) after starting the Panasonic image app first. I'll provide more feedback after ive used the app in the field :)

  • @Adam_Mercier @Rhanlon

    No special procedure for GH3 that I know of. I'll have to get my hands on a GH3 before I figure out what needs to work different internally. Apologies!

  • Hey, I'm doing 25% off the iOS app for a week, until Dec 11th.

    As always, beta signup is here:

  • Any update on new features in Android? How is the development of the app going?

  • @fomalhaut3 We've been working on getting the same features as the iOS version into Android—so anamorphic de-squeeze and image controls.

    I've been traveling a lot for work, and I'm moving countries, so this is why development has slowed down a little.

  • I love this development. Finally a way to make the image look good on an external screen over wifi! Thank you!

    How much of a delay is there from the camera's screen to the Scopes screen? It's hard to tell in the video when there's a "push to reframe" and I know there is a delay when using the Panasonic App


  • Delay is almost the same of Imgapp.

  • Is it also possible to monitor the audio signal, or it works only for video?

  • I did some research in what the header bytes mean. I got most of them covered now. This is only tests on my FZ1000 so maybe some values are biased towards that device but I tried to reduce my bias and only include things that can be calculated or are derived from the offical apps.

  • Good job fweinb !