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Note! Scammers amount on Amazon is severe now!
  • Same on all branches, but here is two samples that are default offer (not one you see looking at the list):



    Situation become worse especially few last months and becomes worse each day.

    Buy only from old sellers with at least 2000 feedback (some scammers register accounts well before and make fake feedback on cheap items, so can be even 300-400).

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  • One absolute no-go is, when the "seller" wants you to kontakt them via normal Email to make the transaction outside of Amazon (as you can see in the blue text in the pictures, in this case in German).

    Another hint, if the price of the item is to good to be true.

  • @Psyco

    Many of them became default seller, I mean that you do not see this contact thing easy before payment.

    Also some are smarter - can have good feedback and many transactions and price can be just 10-20% lower.

    I am sure in 1-2 months they will also improve and it'll be less pushy contact emails info.

  • I tend to avoid buying from Amazon these days as it is, but thanks for the info

  • yeah why arent those banned quicker?

  • @fatpig

    If you see something constantly repeating on amazon or ebay - be sure that it is profitable for them.

    As I understand Amazon can get something from this anyway.

    Can be even long term plus - as it will allow to throw out all grey market sellers under pretense that they are suspicious.

  • Wanted to look for a new TV on Amazon today -- it's ridiculous. Almost every single product is being sold per default by scammers. It's really fucked up. Most people won't even know what they're getting into when they hit the buy button.

  • @sh1ggy

    Yes, thing got out of control lately.

    I posted above, it can't be simple coincidence of constant threats to gray market sellers and other small resellers making discounts and all this shit. Amazon can make it even worse and after throw the baby (normal resellers) with water. Aliexpress is now at the same mode of small independent players elimination .

  • I checked with some sellers and it seems like Amazon is in full swing mode for widening fees to be able to sell things. Such lot of scammers can be coordinated effort so sellers won't complain so much for new fees as after them they will cure this issue mostly.