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  • Specs

    • 35Mp CMOS Helium sensor, S35 size
    • 8K at 30fps
    • 300 MB/s rates
    • $29,500 for brain only


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  • I spoke about this a few years back, but the real advantage to 8k is that line skipping no longer negates 4:4:4 color... When downsampling to 4k from 8k you get the full spectrum of film color and luminance - one line for green - one line for red and blue (Green is of course, as always, tied to luminance.)

  • The Helium sensor seems to have a nice color science! great work, red!

  • @AlbertZ

    Helium sensor does not have any "color science". Whole term is marketing bullshit spread among gear sites and proponents. All that it does is convert photons hitting specific areas into electrons as every other sensor and, as every other sensor, it has usual color filters above this regions.

    If they stop all this marketing bullshit and just show all the normal, usual math involved in producing Prores files you will be not impressed. And start asking not so kind questions.

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  • I'm surprised they are surprised to find that it has expensive FPGAs inside it. The premise of water cooling it is nonsense but it was interesting to see inside.

  • The premise of water cooling it is nonsense

    Actually water cooling of cameras is extremely actual now, as it is main way to increase DR, as it allows to drop thermal noise in sensor and on sensor ADCs.

  • I didn't mean water cooling a sensor is nonsense, I meant HIM water cooling that camera with PC parts is nonsense. I was basically saying the premise for the teardown was silly but the teardown itself was interesting.