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KineFinity Terra 5K & 6K cameras or 5K for under $5K
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  • Great! :) kinefinity terra 6k shipping now and terra 5k in October :)

  • Is the 5k Terra dead? Never came out, and seems not much news on it from NAB

  • Any PV members have a Terra 6k? I'm interested to hear your thoughts.

  • @sammy

    They certainly had been at NAB. So, not dead.

  • I wrote to Kinefinity- they said they can ship Terra 6k in 8 weeks. So at least the 6k is very much shipping.

  • So they skipped the 5k terra all together and now a new 4k??

  • @sammy

    Thanks, I made new topic

  • not sure whats happening with them, but here is another camera coming. the 4k Terra is barely shipping..This is from the Kinefinty Facebook page

    "Very glad that TERRA 4K began to ship to clients worldwide in this month. TERRA 4K features native high frame rate, very low rolling effects, dual native ISO and intermediate codec. More and more clients got their TERRA 4K cameras and enjoyed these latest technologies to film wonderful visual products. This is the essence and meaning of a camera maker, also it is reason why we keep innovating in the field.

    However, there are some times suffering pity and waiting. As you may guess, TERRA 5K project is suspended till our component vendor fixes some important issues. Tons of efforts and investments had been spent on the project from 2015, but it still could not meet our stringent requirements on image quality and stability. We have to say sorry to the customers who preordered the camera, people who wait for the camera. Hope you could switch to TERRA 4K and our new camera model. We do believe you will satisfy on these production models.

    At the beginning of Feb 2018, Kinefinity will release a new high-end camera which is in phrase of pre-production now.

    From Mar 2018, we will start trade-in plan. To make the TERRA platform better and research in future technology, the firmware of KineMINI and KineMAX ceased to update. An attractive trade-in plan will be provided for KineMINI and KineMAX owners.

    Happy new year!"

  • I paid for the pre-order of the 5K more than a year-and-half ago. I did it because I was in China anyway, so the support would be easy to access. What support? They never gave any updates on the camera's delay, via email or their website and never were concerned about the customers. Now they just abandon it and say "oops". So don't think it's just because of the U.S. market, they just don't really care. If they did, they would offer a discount to all of us who waited for a camera that doesn't exist. Say what you want about Red, but they always kept us informed.

  • This is a rough cut of a quick exposure, color, rolling shutter, and resolution test for Arri Alexa mini, Red Epic Helium, Terra 6k, and Terra 4k.

    Say what you want about Red, but they always kept us informed.

    RED has also abandoned products and changed plans.

  • A History of the Kinefinity company (google translate is your friend!):

    Another article which is in English though, worth a read:

  • New price


    800 x 391 - 30K