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KineFinity Terra 5K & 6K cameras or 5K for under $5K
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  • 5k for 5 grand

    6k for 6 grand

    I want 2k for 2 thousand dollars.

  • I want 2k for 2 thousand dollars.

    Then get a BMCC MFT or BMPCC.

  • As I suspected, the actual price in Europe will be 8.500 euro (VAT excluded) for 5K complete version and 8.999 euro (VAT excluded) for 6K complete version. Source:

    So, cheap, with 'some' nuances.

  • Not really pricing nuances, those are package prices with media, monitor, and rig and optional modules... Still 5k for $5k for a working camera you can put an off the shelf ssd in and control and power without accessories.

  • Anyone heard anything on the 5k and 6k Terra ? Looks like some kind of delay here

  • Here are the latest release dates from Kinefinity for the TERRA 6K and the TERRA 5K.

    Terra 6K Preorder - mid-August

    Terra 5K Preorder - September

  • I thought they were being pretty optimistic.

  • Meh, it isn't too unusual really. Just look at BMD! Or RED! Or heck, Arri etc have backlogs etc that they struggle to fill in a timely manner.

  • Oh yeah I know it's pretty standard, and I still am eagerly anticipating some test footage! Especially from that 5k model

  • Really waiting for footage from the 5k ,suppose to have a new sensor ,I have the ursa 4.6 now ,my main issue with it so far is the size (used to dslr) and lighter weight and the shadow information (not as clean and not as much latitiude in shadows compared to highlights) .so would like to see footage from new 5k

  • I bet KineFinity is surprised by the interest in the 5K, as that seems to be all the talk online is about it!

    Probably because a) it has global shutter & b) it is $1K cheaper for the body! (but strangely the 5K packages only save you $500 vs 6K packages??? Why??? Makes no sense to me! Unless the 5K body only is a small loss leader relatively speaking so they can get the "5K for 5K & 6K for 6K" headlines!)

  • Ironfilm , I think most people are talking about the 5k Terra because it suppose to have a new sensor ,with that comes an unknown ,we already know how the 6k sensor looks like (as it's the same on the kinefinity big body cam) which is an over all very good sensor ..the 5k people are talking that might bring in better over all image and that's the key with most people and me rather than the 5k vs 6k

  • True true, anything new people will tend to talk about more!

    But even so, I've seen more people express a desire for the unknown 5K than the 6K!

  • The sensor is the same, however Kinefinity has promised to redsegn the architecture and add +2 DR stops :)

  • pretty sure they are different sensors, look here

  • Yup different sensors. Wonder where they're getting them from?

  • we'll see if they can produce more than a handful of cameras. Never seen any of them in the wild. Vaporware?

  • Asia/China is their home market, I think it is all they can do just to keep up with their heavy demand there! Thus why they haven't put huge efforts into heavily marketing and distributing it overseas just yet.

  • any new news guys?