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Official Low GOP topic, series 2
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  • Is there a stable setting for 720 50p AQ3 GOP1? 1080 24p works very well. Thank you very much for your work, Vitaly and Driftwood and other testers.
  • @driftwood
    I will upload my footage this week. I shot around 3 hours of footage with your GopStoppa and reAQuainted patches this week in the Rotterdam Zoo. Pure magic.
  • @sohus send me the link to your best 10 second scene when done - dropbox or a fileshare site please. thanks mate.
  • @driftwood, man Ill donate whatever you want... I just finished shooting a short film "Dawn" in all Intra... all Ive ever shot is driftwood settings... Ill put together some of my favorite shots and send them to you do you have a bigger dropbox then I do, otherwise well have to do them one at a time, also is this going to be a reel with music? or do you need me to sync up the external Audio from my sound guys?
  • @trackzilla HAHA thats great, and Its nice to put a face to the member name
  • @cosimo_bullo @PerryWilson thank you :) got a lot more coming with @driftwood patch.
  • I think we should make a "Members Who We Are Picture Thread"
  • @PerryWilson your right about that Perry.. a face to the username.
  • but they have to be in GOP1
  • I made my first experiences yesterday with Driftwoods reAQainted settings while filming a trade show set up for a friend. It wasn't the world's most important job, but I had several crashes during recording. One crash occurred when filming a static surface that started to move after a few seconds. The other many crashes occurred while filming a blue and back-lit banner and a cabinet with halogen spotlights in its ceiling. The no matter how low the depth of field or how different the framing, the recording crashed, though not with freezing the camera. I had to default to cbrandin's safe 66M settings in order to continue filming. About two weeks ago I made a low light test with an older Driftwood GOP1 settings without any problems except for the spanning issue. I was surprised that a newer revision of the settings produced this level of problems. I was using a Transcend SDXC 64GB card which was formatted after every time I downloaded the footage. I am not sure whether the problem lies in the nature of high bandwidth settings. If so they might be useful and exciting for hobby filming, for any serios, meaning unrepeatable filming it should not be used. Let me know if I can help with any further information regarding the problem.
  • people need to get the Sandisk Extreme Pro 45mb cards they seam to be the only wholly stable cards
  • So you are saying that the problem is the card, not the GOP1 setting?
  • The Sandisc 30MB/s cards have given us no troubles at all with the reAQuanted patch, and that shooting some very tough subject.
  • I just read smsjr's post from 12:44 AM. It states that the using the same settings the recording crashed on blue police lights. That sounds like a similar situation as I encountered yesterday (blue backlight, spotlights). Somehow I don't believe that the amount of detail is the issue here and hence the card writing speed might not be the issue ether. My scene yesterday certainly did not contain any excessive detail. Anyone any guess what happens when the codec gets confronted with blue flickering lights?
  • Hey guys, new GH2 user here. I applied your settings, driftwood, the application went well.
    Unfortunately my A-DATA Class 10 SDHC 16GB is not up to the task, recording gets canceled almost immediately!
    I'm currently looking at a SanDisk Extreme SDHC Memory Card (SDSDX3-032G-A21) off Amazon, about 60 bucks. It is not the Pro version which is UHS-1 specification. However I will hold off for now, seeing as driftwood did not get his samples yet ...
  • I have had zero errors with an older 16g Sandisk 30 mb/s card. I have heard the 30 mb/s Sandisk is more stable than the Sandisk Extreme Pro 45mb cards? There is also a 95mb/s version. Which should I buy? I think the 30s are no longer available. I'd recommend to anyone, buy at least an 8GB Sandisk card for testing. Not to expensive to get such amazing quality. I doubt you'll get any crashes with the right card.
  • @driftwood
    That sounds great. I have a couple test I have done with GOP1 at home. I will look through and see if I have 10 seconds of brilliance as you said.

    Video looks great

    We should have instead a "Members Who We Are VIDEO Thread" Especially all those following this thread. All of them to be shot in GOP1 as you said. Also, I think I'm finally going to make the leap and buy the Sandisk 45mb card. ReAQuainted doesn't seem to be stable on my Transcend and I want to give it a try.
  • @perrywilson

    "people need to get the Sandisk Extreme Pro 45mb cards they seam to be the only wholly stable cards"

    Not true.

    The best card you can get is Sandisk Extreme Pro Class 10 (30mb/sec advertised, 25mb/sec in testing). People are having lots of problems with the 45mb cards. Search these forums and see for yourself!
  • well I have been reading for some time and Im not about to argue with you, but based off of MY OWN use, I have been running this card alone for a month now, with 0 issues. and everything runs smooth, with ALL driftwood setting(havent played with anyone elses stuff) spanning, detail, death trees, motion, lowlight
  • Totally agree with Perrywilson. I have a 32 GB Sandisk 45 MB/s also and it's completly stable with all Driftwood patches except variable 80% speed.
  • @PerryWilson / @paglez

    Does spanning work, too? Have you guys inspected the streams to check for cadence issues or other issues? If so, that sounds quite promising! I was under the impression that the 45MB/s cards were UHS-1 which wasn't fully supported by the GH2. Do you think it works better than the Sandisk 30MB/s HD Extreme Video cards?
  • Related, did you find that to be true also when testing with pappa's test chart or the spinning death chart? Thanks!
  • Im not a technical tester, I have no clue how to do all the amazing shit these creators and testers do... Im a real world cinema tester, just finished shooting a film on it last sunday and Ill quote myself on what I told someone else "Lets put it this way... In gop1 I have shot spanning clips lasting 6mins, I have shot in the pitch black lighting a cigar like the Leo clip from the red MX with perfect results using only a match, I have shot "death trees" and last Sunday I shot a film all day in overcast skies in a field with weeds chest high in 30mph winds shit flying everywhere grass, plants, trees, my actress's hair you name it all in the same frame. EVERYTHING that people complain about, and claim that make the camera crash, and not one single solitary hiccup. This camera in this patch WILL change your business as it has mine... Best of all you can pick up over 50 of them for the price of that epic. Don't get me wrong RED has there place, but there exclusivity and superiority is quickly fading" and it was all shot on Sandisk Extreme Pro 45
  • awesome, thanks for the experiential advice!
  • I can't get ANY of the patches to work for me... I've tried so many, they all are in slow motion esque... it's obviously not working right... im using sandisk 32gb 45 mb/s extreme pro card... im so pissed
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