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New Trailer for my second feature film... what'd you think?
  • GEAR

    Crime/Drama 92min

    Shot in the summer of 2014 in Toronto, Montreal, and Quebec City

    Using 2x Red One MX camera's some hacked GH2, and a couple of shots on a Sony A7S.

    Lenses: Zeiss Super Speed

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  • I like the pace of the trailer: how it developed the characters/story and then cut to action. The grade was a little understated for my tastes, but probably looks fantastic projected. Makes me think that their may be a case to have a slight more intense grade on the trailer, as to match people's monitors (I'm on a color monkey calibrated Mac Bool Pro). That said, the subtleness is what drew me in to focus on the characters/story. Well done!

    I loved Breaking Bad, so I think I would like to see your feature. That said, Breaking Bad (as viewed on Net Flex via my Samsung 55" HD LCD TV) has an intensity and pop that is extremely visually satisfying to me, so consider the source...

  • Nice. Well done sir.

  • Curious as to what made you choose to use R1 MX some of the time and GH2 at other times?

  • Very cool stuff. You are to commended!

  • Looks really good, I want to see the whole thing :-)

  • Great stuff - good enough that I'd like to see the film

  • Hi everyone and thanks for your comments and kind words! It is a very difficult process as I'm sure you all know creating anything and then finally getting to release it, so thanks for taking the time to view the trailer.

    @IronFilm, chose the R1MX because I own one, and a friend owned another so was the natural choice, as we knew we wanted the r3d workflow and 12 bit raw. Why sometimes GH2? These were very minimal, but used for certain rigging shots that were too difficult with the heavier R1's mostly.

    @majoraxis, I hear ya... I actually sorta feel the same about the grade. We had a great colorist... but I dunno, I feel there could have been better options, on the other hand... I feel the understated look meshed nicely with the tone of the film which is all about subtlety, and nothing is really "over the top" least that was the idea. Next film, I'm definitely going for a more bold visual style.

    Any other questions just ask!