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Panasonic Image App: Use with Laptops and Tablets
  • I was thinking of sinking some cash into a laptop, and it occurred to me that I ought to take location shooting into consideration. So I've been looking at Android laptops and two-in-ones: I figure, I could use the two-in-one tablet as a field monitor using the Panasonic app with my GH4-- I figure I'd use the camera's screen as cameraperson, while the director can watch remotely on the laptop/tablet. And the laptop features could be used for file storage and clip logging.

    And I'm also considering getting a Windows two-in-one-- that is, if the Panasonic app works under the Android emulators available for Windows. The benefits there are having two OSes, more options for things like hard drives, and maybe even getting a machine capable of running Premiere Pro for some editing in the field.

    So, I'm looking for advice. Does the Panasonic app work under an Android emulator well enough for field use? Has anyone else used equipment in this manner? (And is Panasonic considering creating a version of its app to run under Windows?)

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  • Does the Panasonic app work under an Android emulator well enough for field use?

    I have strong doubts (as it uses wireless connection and such). But may be they are now such advanced. I tried just simple local apps.

  • Hi,

    You might consider to use my software (link below) to change the settings and control the camera.. If you just want to preview the camera output, it is there too (although I didn't write it).. One of the user of my program said "It's pretty funny that the "V-log"-function of the GH4 is useable with this software without having bought an activation code... ;)" but as I don't have GH4, I don't know that is V-log (i use it with fz1000)

    I posted this earlier in but it is quite old now, so i post it again:

    It is a very simple program, you just see the commands (like focus, zoom, exposure, aperture, white balance etc...) and use them.

    You can also record those settings and play them back later. You can tell the program to repeat those commands. So you can make timelapses by zooming in each shot, or changing the white balance when its dark outside.

    I also added liveview from, thanks to lenuisible.. You should just press "Liveview" button. But you have to have java installed in your machine. From the post,

    "Java RE : download here :

    Add the java bin directory to your PATH, On a windows machine, the Java bin directory should be : C:\Program Files\Java\jre7\bin"

    I have a FZ1000 to test it, it works ok, but it should work with all wifi enabled LUmix cameras. So feel free to try it, and let me know how it works.

    Before you run the software, you should enable wifi from camera, connect the camera either a wifi network, or your pc to your camera. Program should find the camera automatically.. If program gives "no response from camera" then check wifi connection, get closer to the router, try again..

    you can download and install it from



  • If it provides liveview, that's an interesting option. If I get a machine with wifi, I'll give it a try with my GH4.

    It just occurred to me that a dual-boot machine might also suffice. Boot into Android to use the Panasonic app, and boot into Windows for editing and other things.

    (Actually, if you create such apps, I have a wonderful feature to consider adding. It'd involve creating focus pre-sets-- one foot, two feet, five feet, ten feet, infinity, maybe some custom focus points, etc. That way, you could rack focus during a shot using auto-focus lenses. The lens wouldn't have to rock back and forth to focus. I don't know how wire focusing works, so I don't know if this is feasible, but boy, it'd be marvelous if it could be done.)

  • You mean like this?:

  • @melihdummy Wow. I mean almost exactly that. That's very impressive. I'll have to give it a try.

    but that program enables a live view via wifi in a Windows platform?

  • I'd pay $20 for a windows phone 8.1 app :)

    I have a Nokia Icon that is an incredible phone with windows 8.1. Just need more apps for it, particularly the lumix app.

    It has much faster processors than any of the rivals and would be an incredible platform for this live view type of work without the need for a monitor.

    Cheers, Pete

  • Brian, You have to use the java component to have live view but yes, you have live view over wifi in a windows platform (assuming you have installed Java runtime files)..

    c3hammer, i don't know if windows phone runs java but if it does, then you can have wifi liveview..



  • @melihdummy:

    During installing I get the following two error message. My system is Vista 32bit.

    Any ideas?

    BR, Patrick

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  • Hi Guys, @melihdummy

    I am trying to use the application Panasonic Lumix Wi-Fi Remote; the app is not working properly. Once the pc identifies the camera through Wi-Fi connection nothing happens when I navigate in the app.

    The camera’s screen displays a message: “Smartphone app needs to be updated”

    I already try the following:

    1. I copied an pasted the live.bat file on both the LumixControl folder and the Java address on my PC: C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre1.8.0_73\bin

    2. I already change the Java PATH

         a.      from      


        b.     to 

      C:\Program Files\Java\jre7\bin

                 i.      as you indicated in the installation description. Although it did not work kept displaying an error disclosure, so I changed it to the this address: C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre1.8.0_73\bin 

      -Previous to step (1.) and (2.b.), (2.b.i), I had the an error disclosure showing up every time showing the following dialog: "an error occurred, can't start live view check that java is installed, and live.bat is in the LumixControI folder File not found" -

    3. I downloaded and installed java. Is there something that I have to modify or updated?

    Please find attached screenshots and embed youtube video with detailed explanation.

    Can you advise why is this tool not working and how can we get it to work?


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  • Thank you very much, melihdummy

    I'm investigating now on how to make it work with latest cameras like G7 that using Image App (not Lumix Link).

    Got any ideas, tips, suggestions?

  • It works with Lumix G7 OMG that's awesome!

    1. Windows firewall blocks UDP connection, so you'll need to open port to make LiveView work.
    2. Java missed network settings so i have to disable all unnecessary network adapters to make LiveView work

    Great work, melihdummy.

  • Great Tool!!! Kudos

    But I'm wondering to know what protocol is it using to talking to the camera? UDP (camera control) and JS (live view) ?

    Anybody know if is it possible to control a lumix camera (like gh3 or gh4) using this tool or any other program to convert those signals to MIDI or DMX/Artnet????

    I want to control zoom in and out and also shutter via a Vj/Show software like Arena, Live or Vezer... My first choise was a pwm/servo signal converter to DMX or MIDI... Arduino or a specific hardware, but this possibility to control the camera over network like this program, broght me the question: is it possible to use just the virtual envioroment or emulators to control a lumix camera over MIDI or DMX protocol?.... any toughts?

    cheers cogumelo

  • camera control over OSC would be sweat as well!

  • yes would be interesting to know the url where the camera is streaming so we could use it with VJing software, I tried with Vmix: should be an mjpeg stream on udp right? but why only a javaplayer and not let's say vlc? I only bypassed this problem using partial screen capture, but is ugly.

  • I have a lumix g7 but get the same problem as EfrainGR with the camera requiring an update. I opened the firewall for LiveView so that stays up but nothing happens since the camera stays in " Smart phone needs to be updated". Can you please explain what you did with your g7 milin? And with some detail please since I am a bit dumb with computers.