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Digital Bolex raw camera, no longer made
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  • Beautiful colors!! Can you tell us something about your grading process?

  • 16mm Film vs Blackmagic Log vs Digital Bolex Raw vs Sony S-Log

  • This looks amazing. I think I might have to take the plunge on the m4/3 mount D16...

  • @lunalobo75 WOW WOW WOW!!!! This has to be the most Filmic, or Film like image I've seen yet out of any Digital Cinema Camera I'm talking about Alexa, RED, Sony ect... The color rendition are soo balanced and pure, the motion cadence, the skintones, dynamic range I was doubting this camera at first.. Thanks for posting this video I'm keeping my eyes on this camera matter of fact I'm going to buy one. This camera, with the 5D Mark III RAW is a very attractive combo. Even with all the buzz about 4K.. 4K.. & now 8K.. the 2k - 1080p resolution will do for me :) Here is a music video that was shot with film, actually I like the Digital Bolex D16

  • This was shot by Andrew Molle with the newest firmware at ISO 800:

    from a few weeks back:

  • Anyone knows if there is a plan, or if it would be to dificult, to add prores? Can't afford to have a cam that only shoots raw.. The image is, for me, on a different league

  • Very good stills from Noam Kroll's film shot on digital bolex

  • there is an immediacy to this camera that is impossible for me to ignore. Immediately, I am no longer thinking about the camera and just watching the film. Things like the color and motion cadence just look right to me, so they don't draw attention and they do not interfere with the story telling.

  • We released firmware 1.5 "Elf" last week. It improves the HDMI output making it easier to record high quality images on external recorders like the BM Video Assist and Ninja Flame. Others have used it with the Odyssey 7Q and PIX-E5.

    We've added raw false color clipping indicators, improved signal to noise ratio at ISO 400 and 800 without the need for noise reduction, and we've added multiple color space options in camera. One of those being the new Bolex Log color space.

  • thank you very much for your effort, @eddieb! great work!

  • Anyone who’s started a small business can tell you that it’s not easy, especially in tech; even the most viable and promising product can be held back by the discontinuation of a part, a materials shortage, or rising cost to manufacture when facilities close or require large minimum orders to continue production

  • Unfortunate outcome. Digital Bolex guys never become proper capitalist businessmen.

  • very sorry for bolex was the last CCD camera in the market...

  • Super 16 emulation was a losing proposition from the beginning. No surprise here.

  • What did you think did them in? The price, the form factor of the camera or what? I understand the camera produces some lovely images.

  • @vitaliy_kiselev gets a shout out in this interview with the maker of the Digital Bolex: " A lot of the people who were angry at us for making the camera, were never going to be customers. It wasn’t like a customer who really cared… In one case I know the guy who created the hack for the GH2 or the GH3 [Vitaly Kiselev], he really hated us. He called us criminals and said that somebody should call the cops on us."

  • In one case I know the guy who created the hack for the GH2 or the GH3 [Vitaly Kiselev], he really hated us. He called us criminals and said that somebody should call the cops on us.

    LOL. Just LOL.

    As all messages are here still it is easy to check that all my words turned to be true, they started with company who failed their previous projects, and where unable to do this camera. Only after different people come and with big delays they managed to make it work. Still design was questionable, very costly and complex.

    And, of course, it is investor to blame for all. In fact this hippie guys must build big monument to honor them. If not their stupidity whole story never existed.