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GH2 DC coupler for cheap
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  • Thanks Vitaliy! Any idea on the quality and reliability? I'd hate to put the converter in my camera, plug in the AC adapter, and have the GH2 get fried. :)

  • I highly doubt that you'll have issues with it :-)

  • If you are afraid, you can always check polarity and voltage with a meter and feel safe.

  • Ordered one, thanks VK

  • I'll take a chance on ordering one. If it does the trick, I'll be grateful. Panasonic wants way too much for their wall-power AC/DC adapter combo.

  • Hi Has anyone already tested the adapter for polarity ? Thank you

  • I got mine yesterday, works fine !

  • Works great! Got one too! Thanks, VK!

  • i got one of these too. does anyone know the size of the plug? that goes in to the supplied adapter? its a bit smaller than the official panasonic one. any one know?

  • To anyone,

    I bought one of these and the voltage is 8.4. What is the voltage on yours, (anyone)? I need to know before I hook mine up.


  • I made mine from a cheap ebay battery. I kept the body and recycled the shitty battery cells. Also, I made an adapter with 8.4V output and during hot days, the camera would periodically show "this battery cannot be used". I changed it to 8.6V and the message never came back. I now use the camera with a 9v supply.

  • Thanks Vitaliy! The coupler works fine arrived in a week. Pretty exciting to have SOME kind of copulation that works:]

  • Hi. Does anybody knows if this can work with the DMC-G6 (GH2 replacement) ?

    I know that both cameras have the same battery model (supplyed by Panasonic) & the same DC couppler device (based on the B&H accessories informations). But I really want to be sure before buying one.

    Thanks to answer

  • Can I supply this directly with 9V from an external battery pack?

  • If you have the skills, you will have to make the wiring work yourself...
    I do that with the Panasonic version of this DC coupler and get shots that last for hours (using the Sanity 5.1 patch). You must triple check the polarity with a voltmeter and with a real battery to make sure you don't damage your camera. I then tape the connections together, so nothing can get screwed up in the field.

    I also found 8.4 volts was too low, but, 9.0 volts works great.

  • The AC adaptor this comes with is rated for 8.4V, so I can't see how that wouldn't work also. I.e. how would the camera know if it's supplied by AC adaptor or directly from a battery.. Was just wondering if the extra 0.6V would be too much if supplied with more common 9V. Thanks!

  • I don't know why it is, I just found it seems to work at 8.4v and then will bite you in the ass when you least expect it. There is also loss due to the length and diameter of the cables & the connections, voltage fluctuations, etc. Whether that is accounted for or not is unknown.

    9v has been a gold standard for my GH2 and I run it like like that for a few hours several times a year for the last 3 years.

  • Thanks for the info. So when going outside, I'm thinking of powering my GH2 with the dummy battery from this kit (9V) and external monitor (12V) with two of these:

    I'm running handheld, so will just wire the power banks from a shoulder bag. Any comments why this wouldn't work and/or would there be a better option for power banks? I can't seem to find one that would supply both 9V and 12V at the same time, and I wouldn't want to over-complicate things by adding a step down converter from a purely 12V system..

  • Interesting is also once my GH2 was fallen down from a monopod. After that it didn't accept original battery. Even when I bought a new original one nothing worked out. But with an DC coupler and a slightly higher voltage than the original it still has no problem to run.

    Look at following thread to get good ideas: