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Sony Alpha a7 + Rode mike for $398
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  • it's dead

  • Availability: Temporarily On Backorder

    Not dead

  • Not shipping to germany, sadly. This is a steal! The mic alone is worth 99.- euros. i would buy it in a second. shit

  • @utezet

    Such things can be bough using shipping via intermediary ala Shipito.

  • It says quantity reached after trying to order.

  • was dead about 12 noon my time. Said essentially no longer available when you put it in the cart. Believe me I tried !

  • image

    Be fast, as it is again in stock.

    381 x 189 - 19K
  • even though its "in stoc & ready to ship" once you actually try it, it says it exceeded warehouse quantity limit. Did anyone managed to buy it?

  • Huh, bad.

    May be this is marketing trick.

    As at first they had it "Temporarily On Backorder" but it seems that they changed it for more catch.

    You can try and call em.

  • reading the comments at sonyalpharumors, a few did manage to purchase it at that price. I think it was overstock...and this gives us a good idea of the markup !

  • @kurth. Aparently all canceled.

  • So, seems like marketing thing

  • ah seems like BAD marketing thing me . I believe adorama will suffer some lost customers, justifiably so.

  • @balazer...why don't you copy and paste cause you gotta join to read your link

  • If any of you ordered additional accessories to go with a now cancelled Sony order, please email me:, with the order number, and I will ensure it is cancelled for you.

    I also want to take a moment to explain what happened here; we uploaded to our website a Sony rebate for 4/24 - 4/30. Then Sony announced a price drop. This lowered the price automatically on our website so both the price drop and the high rebate were showing together, bringing the total price down way below cost. More importantly, way below the Sony price point, as several of you noted. We absolutely cannot sell below this point, or simply, we lose our authorised reseller status.

    The error was noted Sunday, April 24 at 10:16 PM, after the end of the first part of the Jewish Passover Holiday. It's complicated to explain, but the intermediate days of Passover ie Monday thru Thursday are for us still Holy days, but at a different level from the first 2 and last 2 days, which is why cancellation emails could be sent.

    Our Customer Service Manager was alerted (at home), immediately the error was noted, at once he sent an email to every single person who had placed an order.

    The web page was corrected at the next feed:

    The terms and conditions of ordering from the Adorama website are noted very clearly here: and they are completely in line with all laws and standards relating to online sales.

    "We make every effort to provide you with an error-free Web site. However, in the event there is a misprint, we reserve the right to correct copy or pricing to reflect the actual current status. Order confirmation given to you through Adorama Camera does not guarantee our acceptance of your order, nor does it constitute confirmation of an offer to sell. Adorama Camera reserves the right to decline and cancel an order, or supply less than quantity ordered at any time."

    We regret deeply the inconvenience and disappointment caused, and as I noted previously, if you are concerned about additional orders placed to go along with a Sony unit, please let me know as soon as possible so I can have them cancelled for you.

    Sincerely Helen Oster Adorama Camera Customer Service Ambassador

  • More importantly, way below the Sony price point, as several of you noted. We absolutely cannot sell below this point, or simply, we lose our authorised reseller status.

    They mean that they can lose authorised reseller status due to error and selling few cameras below point?

    Well, technically they could long be gone from resellers if Sony just counted bundles and gift cards they offer :-)