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NAB 2016
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  • ZEISS Lens Gears

  • AJA Rovocam

  • Quiet Nab? I think that big companies are still developing a new generation of sensors...maybe in 2017 we will be a "quantum leap". InVisage said two of the three major DSLR camera manufacturers (mayby sony and nikon) have chosen to use the QuantumFilm sensor...

  • Edelkrone StandPLUS

  • Z-Camera is following the release of the (so far) disappointing E1 camera with some additional cameras and software... copied and pasted from the email they sent out earlier:

    Z Cam P1 & C1 Compact Camera Modules Our first announcement - and something we are very proud of - The Z Cam P1 & C1 series of camera modules. This product line is designed for drones, virtual reality capture, and array systems.

    The P1 series is equipped with Sony IMX117 Exmor R™ and the C1 is equipped with a Sony IMX159 Exmor™ image sensor, both are capable of recording 4k cinematic video.

    With the new Z Cam Docking Station, Cx 1 supports ethernet connectivity, which allows easy data transfer from the C1 to a computer or network server.

    Z Cam Sync Corresponding the release of our Z Cam P1 and C1 compact camera modules is the Z Cam Sync solution. Gone are the days of expensive control over large numbers of expensive DSLR cameras. With Z Cam Sync we enable a new realm of possibilities. Easily control up to 200 Z Cam devices with a high degree of precision. Perform precise shutter synchronization and preset, with frame sync tolerance down to an incredible 1 millisecond.

    Z Cam Action 1 Action 1 is probably the world’s longest operating time handheld gimbal. One charge lasts up to 5 hours! Action 1 is equipped with a MFT cinema quality 4k image capture system. Stabilize any action shot on 3 axis while recording amazing high definition footage. A built in 1.8" touchscreen allows easy point and shoot making Z Cam Action1 an ideal choice for professional video makers.

    Z Cam Surround 1 Our most advanced product yet, the Z Cam Surround1, probably the most affordable virtual reality capture system at only $999.00 USD. It’s equipped with 4 high quality fisheye lenses and 4 Sony IMX117 Exmor RTM image sensors. The Z Cam Surround1 provides four 4K HDMI video output, which can then be composed into a 360 degree surround VR video, by means of either the optional Z Cam video stitching software or any other third party solutions.

  • Black magic press event

  • Stopped by a few booths today ... Let's start with Varavon.

    They make quite an array of dslr and quad-copter camera gimbals and stabilizing systems, but the most intriguing was their Birdycam Lite ... it's a small rig that looks like a shoulder-mount for run & gun, with a couple extra handles ... and is a gimbal setup that can be swung down from the shoulder to trail the ground with smooth and constant camera control. Easy and fast to use, and at around USD $1500 for price, well within competitive range, especially as it's a pretty decent shoulder rig before you even start raising it over-head or swing one-handed to sweep the floor with it.

    Varavon BirdyCam Lite.jpg
    800 x 392 - 152K
  • Now, to iFootage ... their stuff is medium-duty pro location gear, not the most inexpensive at the show but built a LOT tougher than the less-expensive competitors. While designed to be usable with DSLR workers, this stuff is clearly heavy enough for the C300 or other mid-size pro video cameras. The sliders are massive and smooth, designed for full motors and automation, and even the small slider with manual controls was impressively smooth. The control wheel is impressively heavy, with a silky smooth touch. At around USD $500 as shown, without motor, it's not inexpensive, but seems built for a LOT of hard work.

    800 x 450 - 167K
    800 x 450 - 134K
  • Saramonic was an intriguing booth ... they had some mics from other companies that they sell packaged with some of their gear, but their specialty is incredibly small but tough metal-cased audio mixers and pre-amps (all those little red boxes) that are designed to mount directly to the now-standard shoe-mount hard-points either on top of a camera or on a rig. They have shoe-mounts top & bottom, and offer a range of capabilities, from a simple two-in/stereo-out (all 3.5mm jacks) with pan mixer that's around 2cm tall and deep and 7.5 wide, and weighs but a few ounces to one with several ins an an amazing array of small push-button controls and dials.

    Their gear seems to stress tough as metal miniaturization. Spent some time even with language difficulties checking their gear out. And in the second pic, look at their setup on a smartphone! This stuff is small, light, but tough.

    800 x 450 - 169K
    800 x 450 - 169K
  • LanParte markets the typical range of DSLR camera cages and rigs, but they have an emphasis on working with the very small 'hero' type cameras, either on hand-held stabilizers or as shown on the mannequin, a strap-on but stabilized rig.

    800 x 450 - 193K
    800 x 450 - 167K
  • CAME-TV has a range of DSLR rigs including a weighted scissor-style expanding lift that is a bit unusual at their price-range. The most interesting thing to me ... and to several of the other guys working with their stuff ... was the CAME mini-3, a two-handled gimbaled rig sized for say a GH3/4 that was USD $1188, and comes with a very nice and smooth control unit that does a great job of both tilt and pan of the camera on its gimbals. After looking at a LOT of similar rigs, this was tempting especially for the price.

    800 x 742 - 228K
    800 x 450 - 188K
  • Lilliput new monitors

    800 x 600 - 84K
  • also it seems MustHD will present new monitors too

    996 x 769 - 212K
  • Edelkrone Jib Plus

  • Lilliput monitors is the booth number that I'd been given for Neway ... who isn't in the program. Lilliput guys were of course happy to talk about their items ... seem to be nicely made, competitive price and features with a number of others there. That external small monitor market is crowded and competitive.

  • Am I alone in thinking NAB 2016 is just a lot of "meh" this year?

  • Any news from Sony regarding Sony Vegas pro ? Is 13 the last one ?they moving on to a new software or will they keep the Sony Vegas pro line ?

  • @OzNimbus

    The feeling I'm getting and from those I'm talking with, as one vendor put it ... "last year we were sellling big Buzz Words! ... this year we're providing workable solutions."

    There were so many announcements of this cool tool, that new toy, this new codec, and ... very little actually worked off the bat. There WILL be a ton of announcements between Photokina this fall and CES 2017 in January. The Panny forum will probably find some of them particularly of interest ... ahem. But many gear-makers are working on their next products, AFTER getting their current ones working with everything else that's new.


  • so when we see blackmagic cameras price drops at nab? or it was just april rumor?

  • Sound Devices PIX

  • new 3.5 monitor/evf with 4k support