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Panny questions for NAB2016
  • I'll be at NAB2016, and if anyone has questions for me to run by Panasonic, I'll be happy to see if someone will answer. And post any such replies back here.


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  • Will DCI 4k remain exclusive to the GH line? What are the barriers to adding other cinematic resolutions (2k) and frame rates (48fps) to future cameras?

  • How soon we will see Cortana like voice assistant in all Panasonic cameras?

  • Ask / harass them to release an open SDK for their cameras so we can have more control over them.

  • Ask / harass them to release an open SDK for their cameras so we can have more control over them.

    Like year ago one of their top guys told us that they have some plans considering it. But no one know how soon.

    Btw, I am serious about voice assistant, I think it is useful and cool, especially as sales point for beginners.

  • It would be cool to have a 3rd. setting besides photo and video also an online setting maybe android. Photo and video are disabled, but one could upload to any website directly from the memory card like from a smartphone. One may need a telephone card, but that would be cool and I think very helpful, for it would make for example the GH5 a fast camera for news etc.

  • Can you ask why Panasonic is not showing exposure numbers in video?

    Will they add some day auto iso in M?

  • Got the above so far added into my list of Stuff To Do. Here in Vegas now, but I'm helping with an event this afternoon/evening, be "on the floor" tomorrow (Monday) morning.


  • -Why no successor to the AF100? So many people are looking for this, and the DVX200 ain't it. Will we see something like this soon from Panasonic, or will we just have to keep looking elsewhere?

    -Why not use an oversized sensor (s35) in the next GH, or the AF100 replacement? The JVC LS300 has proven that this is a very viable, powerful idea. The main thing holding that camera back is that it has the JVC name on it, which has little or no positive recognition in this market. Panasonic could do it right and has the reputation to attract a lot of attention to it.

    Assuming negative answers to the above questions, my followup is:

    -Is Panasonic just comfortable with the idea of relinquishing the enthusiast/amateur/low-end-pro large-sensor-video market to Sony, Blackmagic, and even Canon?

  • -Why no successor to the AF100? +1

    and what does Pana do with GH5 ???

  • Will G7 get V-Log Firmware upgrade?

  • -Why no successor to the AF100? +1

    -Will G7 get V-Log Firmware upgrade? +1

  • Hoping to stop by Panny a bit later today. First day of tradeshow, a lot of the booths are jammed.

  • When will we see the new organic sensors with 123db dynamic range in M43 cameras?

  • Gh2 1080p is still very good for web video even now in 2016... can you panasonic give us a 100 usd vlog firmware upgrade for our beloved gh2 ?

  • Me and Vesku I think share exactly the same view:

    1. Can you ask why Panasonic is not showing exposure numbers in video? (When they can show them on the Image APP!!)
    2. Will they add some day auto iso in M (in Movie Mode)?

    These two, plus: 3. Upper ISO Limit in Auto ISO (in Movie Mode) 4. In P or A mode, ability to limit shutter speed (so we can limit to say 180' etc)

  • Have they got any plans for a Cine style power zoom like the rumoured 18-105 Sony lens for m43 that would be awesome :) f2.8 or less would be nice

  • will we ever get a stabilised 25mm 1.4/1.7/1.8 lens

  • will we ever get a stabilised 25mm 1.4/1.7/1.8 lens

    Of course, just buy GX80 :-)

  • Excuse me, why auto iso in M (in Movie Mode)? That it has sacred?

  • @VVV1151

    To keep exposure while fixing aperture and shutter.

    FS5, for example is best in this regard as it can keep exposure driving electronic ND.

  • I have manual ND variable. On every lens. Manual mode - manual filter. No problems.

    One ISO - one profile noise.

    120 fps - more significant.

  • Ok ... I'll be back to Panny clearly again today! ;-)

    From yesterday ...

    Q: any successor to the AF-100? No.

    Q: S-35 sensor in either GH5 or any other MFT camera, or barring that, S-35 in a larger body/mount?

    Not at this time for an MFT body, as they're not certain that the gains vs problems-induced equation is "positive" enough to justify the additional cost and design disruption. Response was esentially: realistically, most of the mid-price to spendy video cams don't use a sensor as big as S-35 and can get awesome imagery; this is just not seen as that big a real-world image assist. Except for pixel-peepers. And they run into those in droves at still-photographer events but not so much with video.

    Not to say that if they don't at some point see a significant benefit, they wouldn't consider a different decision. But not expected at this point. And as far as creating a larger body camera, presumably say a 35mm-type body ... they'd have to completely come out with a new body of lenses for it. Heck of a cost and with other Panny video options already available, not happening.

    GH4 v-log banding issues: Yes, they're aware of this ... and the rep's experience using the cam and working with others using it, is that often it comes down to not exposing properly for that particular version of v-log, which requires a bit of over-exposure to limit or eliminate banding in upper values which is not intuitive. Even then, in some circumstances it will happen ... and for that, perhaps v-log isn't the appropriate best-capture option at this time.

    I mentioned that a couple people I've queried about this issue (who are major pro post-processing types, editor or colorist) have said they don't use most any pre-built LUT for 'normalization' of any log-media as they have seen this often with various cameras, so they always either adjust manually or with their own 64-bit LUT's made for X camera body ... yea, he thought that perhaps wise. Most of his own work he normalizes 'manually' and doesn't have much issues. Occasionally, but not that often.

    And I'll be back at the Panny booth either today or tomorrow. Will be around the show today and some time with Adobe.


  • For a few of the other questions I asked for the requests here ...

    -Why no exposure-setting data shown during video exposure? ... No idea, really as to "a reason" other than perhaps engineer choices, as it's not something that has apparently been discussed with the marketing/rep staffers.

    -Will auto-iso come to the video mode? ... Maybe GH5, but not for the GH4 via firmware. As to "with an upper limit setting?" ... no idea.

    In video while using the P (program) or A (aperture-auto) exposure modes, an ability to limit shutter speed to say 180*? ... Their other new cameras have a similar feature, not by "global" shutter but by shutter-speed. This is a good possibility for the GH5.

    -As to any new power-zoom lenses ... none are under consideration at this time, and ... they really don't sell many of them. Not seeming like a huge user choice or demand.

    -120fps? Maybe in the GH5 ... well, perhaps even probably, but no guarantee of course.