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Driftwood Cluster X Series 4:│Moon T8│Spizz T7
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  • Some new work shot with T8 and some shots with a smartphone. Really tried to push the colorgrading on this one.

  • @dlzn, that is BEAUTIFUL WORK!!! Did you shoot it in 720 and upscale it to 1080 (I'm not familiar with the PAL options)? What picture profile and exposure level did you use most?

    Stuff like this is so inspiring to get my GH2 back out and put away the GH4 for a while. :)

  • Thank you!!! @Tjabo Yes I did. I used smooth as picture profile. Shutterspeed was mainly between 320 and 1.000 around F2.0. I still find the GH2 with a quality hack and lens a great choice for certain types of shoots!

  • I just tricked the 480 mode of moon t8 for shooting in 4:3 (setting it at 1440x1080) with a x1.33 anamorphic lens and obtain a final 16:9 video with the benefits of the lens, so flares and soft cinelike images.

    In order to get the higher bitrate possible I would like to do the same on the 24p settings, is it possible to do it without breaking it?

    thanks in advance aga

  • Testing the lovely Moon T8 on my anamorphic setup. Smooth all -2 with Saturation 0. Sharp as all heck on these old German lenses.

  • Kind of a goodbye reel to the GH2. Incredible little cam made better by the individuals who've worked so hard on the hacks. Cheers.

  • Entertaining edit of some nice footage, @Bozzie!

    Curious if anyone on here has done some latitude testing of the GH2 with Moon T8 similar to what Shane Hurlbut recently posted for the GH4 with V-Log?

  • All @Driftwood settings are awesome! My best is Cluster v6 improved with Sedna matrix and ClassiX Intravenus 3 matrix / 4,4,4,127 hi/low freq which has incredible color, luma and noise balance! Those who have doubt of the benefits to the patch setting just have to try one of the hacks that I mentioned earlier! I love Intravenus 3 matrix on ClassiX! Right now I use mod bitrate settings for 40 mb/s 32gb sandisk card taken from Slipstream 1b (GOP 6 for 1080i50 and 1080p24) and ClassiX Intravenus 3 matrix after testing many other ini patch.

  • Moon T8, Lake Eildon - Victoria

  • As I am sure many of you still use GH2 - a great HD video is still a great HD in 2016!

    If anyone is interested I can confirm that Kingston 64gb UHS-I u3 and the SanDisk Extreme 64gb UHS-I u3 cards both work great with Moon t8 and other patches( Flowmotion v2, Sanity X, Moon t7). Spanning endlessly in 1080 24p and other settings I have tried. These cards are relatively cheaper than SanDisk 95 so might be a good alternative for some.

  • @Nosferatu Yep, still on GH2. Thanks for card tips!

  • @Nosferatu I agree, but still going to upgrade my cam tho.

  • @dlzn, what camera do you think you will go to?

  • @Tjabo one of the Sony A7S's, because full frame (:

  • Hello everybody! I just hacked my GH2 for the first time and it's also my first time commenting here in the personal view forums. I'm sure this questions will sound really dumb and obvious but i'm not a really great researcher so i couldn't find my answers in the forums, i mean, i'm still confused :(. I installed Moon T8 Patch and that's it.

    I use a Sandisk Extreme class 3 as SD card.

    In manual movie mode i can shot in FH and FSH modes, can someone explain me the main differences?

    In 24P cinema mode i can record in 24H and 24L modes, what's the difference between the two, and when should i use the 24P cinema mode? What's the difference between manual and 24P?

    Lastly, i can't understand HBR mode. What's HBR mode?! If someone is willing to explain me those concepts i would be really grateful, thank you in advance

  • @Fieel Here is download link for owners manual. and here is owners manual in Spanish.

  • @Manicd yes, thank you for the links, i'll look through them again, anyways i was talking about the moon T8 settings not the default firmware ones. I've been using the stock GH2 for years now. There isn't much of an explanation about the patch in the first post of the discussion (or i simply can't comprehend), so i thought asking would be a great idea!

    EDIT: also, what's the best thing to do with the camera setting Noise Reduction while using this hack? Because i've been suggested to turn it to "-5"(off) but i didn't understand why.

  • You can adjust the noise reduction down to -2. The most general problem of GH2 and all the patches for it is that no any patch could be created to reduce the contrast and saturation lower than -2, or at least to make it set a bigger difference between 0, -1 and -2 values.

    I found an .apk for my smartphone camera which gives you a contrast, saturation, brightness and few other parameters pre-adjustment, i.e. before taking a photo/video (I don't mean ISO, WB, Exposure, etc.). With little routine I can get an almost Canon picture style by this application. Anyway, if something similar could be done for GH2 contrast and saturation pre-adjustment, it'd be great. But......

  • @dlzn, I can't wait to see what you do with it! What YouTube channel do I need to make sure I'm subscribed to so I don't miss your work?

  • Hahah me too! @Tjabo This is the linke to my Youtube channel Off Concepts (:

  • @Fieel 24p cinema mode has H and L profiles... those have different bitrates. H is the high bitrate, L is low. Check your preferred hack's H and L settings in Ptool, where it will show the bitrate for each profile.

    HBR mode is 1080p at 30fps

    Manual movie mode FSH and FH are 1080i at 29.97 fps, with FH having a lower bitrate. SH and H are 720p at 60 fps, with H having a lower bitrate.

  • Any news of Moon T9? It seemed like it was about to come out, then poof, it fell off the face of the earth.

  • Unfortunately Driftwood was aboard flight MH370. Since bodies have never been found, there is still a chance that driftwood would be found safe along with moon t9. Light a candle and pray tonight for moon t9's safe recovery.

  • They say the Moon T7 is a card eater with 131-147Mbps on intra 24, and Moon T8 is a card saver. But looks like its the other way around Moon -T8 is 140-148Mbps on intra. How does it actually work? I know that Moon T8, can work on other cards than Sandisk Extreme PRO 64 such as Extreme PRO 32, but still. Thanks

  • @driftwood sir where are u?? its been so long we could'nt see u here any more.. where is moon t9?? the announcement happened almost a year ago sir.. are u still in?? is it dropped???