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NAB 2016
  • Registration codes (allow you to get to NAB for free)

    • LV5685 (CAME-TV)
    • LV4362 (Lectrosonics)
    • LV8384 (Sound Devices)
    • LV2582 (Convergent Design)
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  • Please make post in this topic if you will be at NAB this year.

  • LV6974 (Zacuto)

  • How to Register NAB?

  • Current NAB rumors

    Black magic

    • New URSA camera, now with global shutter
    • Advanced studio camera, can be 6K
    • Cheap small raw camera without screen controlled via smartphone, hybrid of action and drone cameras
    • Significant drop of prices during or just after NAB


    • Can be new big cameras, nothing interesting


    • New EOS C500 Mk II
    • Some lenses


    • Main focus will be on promoting Varicam
    • Despite merge of departments former consumer products will be present not very much
  • Some Canon excepts

    Q What products/services will your company be showcasing?

    A We will be showing not only our existing product line, with a few surprises, but we will also be showing working 8K cameras and 8K displays that look into the future of production.

  • Lishuai, lights


    621 x 141 - 20K
  • Some more details considering BM NAB announcements

    • BM is moving to Sony sensors (may be modified ones) in their new low end products
    • BM will stay at least for one year with present CMOSIS and Fairchild sensors for URSA like cameras
    • One product will be simple small raw enabled camera controlled via smartphone and using 1" 20Mp stacked Sony sensor. Will have m43 and Sony E mount options.
    • Second will be new URSA, but with cost cutting measures and finally implemented global shutter.
    • Third will be studio camera with 6K resolution, sensor manufacturer and any other details unknown for now.
  • Panasonic GH4 firmware v3.0 announcement will be made at NAB.

  • Skier to show at NAB electronic variable 4x4 ND filter for $299.

    Filter design is similar to one in Sony FS5.

  • Cough cough, clear my throat about the "GH4 firmware v3.0" to announcement. The gonna add a V-hack?

  • Cough cough, clear my throat about the "GH4 firmware v3.0" to announcement. The gonna add a V-hack?

    You want to ask if they are mad enough? I think not enough.

  • I"ll be there from Sunday through Thursday ...


  • At the 2016 NAB Show in Las Vegas, Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, will showcase its full line of professional 4K and high-definition imaging equipment for motion picture, television production, video content creation, and still photography at booth C4325. Additionally, there will be presentations and panel discussions throughout the show featuring Canon Explorers of Light, ASC members, and other emerging voices in imaging culture. A unique, immersive event, 8K Ride Experience showcases Canon’s innovation in current, emerging, and future technology by providing a simulated journey through a realistic, panoramic landscape powered by Canon 8K imaging technology. Visitors will also have hands-on opportunities with the full range of Canon Cinema cameras, 4K reference displays, HD Video and DSLR cameras, including the recently announced EOS-1D X Mark II and EOS 80D DSLR Cameras. On the lens side, users can see the latest in Canon Cinema, Broadcast, and EF lenses. In addition, on display will be Canon’s line of high- resolution Projectors, including a 4K HDR Projector and its first laser model, the LX-MU800Z.

    “The NAB show is Canon’s opportunity to show our valued customers and the industry our latest technology as well as the multitude of ways that Canon digital imaging solutions can help them achieve their vision,” said Yuichi Ishizuka, president and COO, Canon U.S.A., Inc. “NAB is an amazing show for us to connect with professionals in all aspects of video creation, editing, and distribution.”

    8K Technology

    Canon will be bringing its 8K Ride Experience to NAB as well. First introduced at the Canon Expo this past September in New York, The 8K Ride Experience projects video on large screens surrounding viewers to give them a unique sense of movement while sitting or standing still. By experiencing such high resolution imagery from all angles, the technology can simulate a physical journey often sparking a physical and emotional reaction. Additionally, Canon will be showcasing working prototype 8K cameras and lenses, with the stunning imagery shown on Canon 8K displays. Also on display will be a prototype 4K Projector capable of covering up to 100 percent of the DCI color space.

  • At the 2016 NAB Show Hitachi Kokusai Electric America Ltd. will be demonstrating the world’s first dockable 8K camera, the SK-UHD8060 Super Hi-Vision camera, along with 4K camera video encapsulated into uncompressed IP streams and delivered over fiber to the Media Links booth (SU4721) via Media Links’ MD8000 IP transport platform.

    The SK-UHD8060 is a complete 8K television production system, featuring a Super 35mm CMOS sensor with 7,680x4,320 pixel resolution, PL-mount lens, on-board recording capabilities, and a 12-inch, 4K viewfinder. It supports the latest High Dynamic Range (HDR), Wide Color Gamut (WCG) and High Frame Rate (HFR) standards and technologies, conforms to Japan’s ARIB specifications, and delivers 16 times the picture information of HDTV. It can also simultaneously output multiple standards, including 8K, 4K/UHD, 1080p, 1080i and 720p.

    An 8K RAW recorder can be docked to the SK-UHD8060 or used independently of the camera head to provide store-and-forward, real-time recording and playback with its own control unit, offering a remote acquisition workflow not previously available with any other 8K camera system.

    The full array of Hitachi Kokusai’s 4K and HD cameras will also be on display, including the recently announced DK-H200 compact, 1080p HD box camera.

    The 2016 NAB Show takes place in Las Vegas, April 18-21. Hitachi Kokusai will be in booth C4309.

  • The variable 4x4 filter was a good one… LOL

  • The variable 4x4 filter was a good one… LOL

    In reality we will see one, just may be later.

    in FS5 it is now can be used to keep exposure.

  • Anyone else on the P-V forums going to be at NAB?

  • I'll probably go.

  • @rNeil

    I do not know why, but most people are very passive, do not post that they will go. Just later share some experience, sometimes months later.

  • Hey @rNeil! I'll be going, too. Sunday through Wednesday.

  • Saramonic will be at booth No. C12042

  • Yay, glad to hear Saramonic will be at NAB. Got quite interested in their products recently.