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Shanghai - camera and accessory shop
  • I am travelling to Shanghai on the 4th of april for a few weeks. Anybody knows some good camera and accessory shops over there? Cheers

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  • I was also travelling there and made same investigation. I came into conclusion that there was no point to buy any electronics from there. Brand names are even more expensive than in Europe, and non-brands are many times fake/crap.

    Out of topic but things you should consider to buy: tailor made suit, bags etc. non-electronics from fake markets (remember to bargain a lot!).

  • I am sure it is possible to find official camera manufacturers dealers, it won't be cheap.

    If you want accessories and know Chinese just use taobao or ask your friends.

  • @gameb

    Xing Guang Photo Market on the corner of Xietu Road and Luban Road. Tons of stuff - new, used, cheap accessories, etc...I've been buying my shit there for almost 10 years - no need to worry. If you want some help - send me a PM.

  • Thanks guys for your inputs, very useful help, so far. Any other ideas very welcome.

  • Just coming back from Beijing. I found a market with around 50 different shops in there. Its called the WUKESONG CAMERA MARKET. Wukesong metro station. Sounds like the one @last_SHIFT mentioned in Shanghai, which I have not seen yet. You find anything around cameras, lenses, drones, cranes, tripodes, rigs, lighting gear, professional, cinema, renting, buying, new, used, etc etc. The prices correspond more or less to the european range, apart from the products made in China, Weifeng, Sirui, LED stuff, memory cards, camera bags, accessories etc, which are very cheap. Great street-food also, if you spend there a whole day ;))