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Aputure Light Storm lights LS 1c 1s 1w, CRI 98
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  • We found the Light Storm LS 1c to perform extremely well and remain cool to touch even after decently long periods of use.

  • Anyone know how much power you lose on the bi-colour version? I guess it depends on the mix of the LEDs you're using, but if you're at one extreme or another temperature wise? Thank you.

  • If you are at extremes you have 1/2 of power compared to light made for this temperature, as half of leds do not work at all :-)

  • Thank you Vitaliy, you'd think I could have worked that out! Especially having seen it in reality on the ones I have! I was just hoping someone had invented magic and I wouldn't have to lose so much power to avoid using any gels!

  • No one will invent magic. Just get light with more leds.

  • Has anyone found a decent carrier for the LS 1S?

  • If anyone else is wondering about a bag for the LS 1S I bought the manfrotto allegra 30 messenger bag, seems to work great.

  • I bought the LS 1c and I have mixed feelings. The output is great, color is consistent and neutral, the price is reasonable - but the construction cannot be done by a person who ever used it in practice.

    1st of all it's very heavy. The light itself 2,7kg because of the big cooling fins at the back. I seriously doubt that there is a need for such big and heavy convector. The power adaptor and the control unit weigh 1300g. In total 4kg which is almost double of a 1x1 Tecpro Felloni HO. 2nd The are named studio but I never thought that they can be used hanging from top only. The reflection / flags seem nice but the construction doesn't allow you to tilt the lamp more than 15° down when it's mounted on a tripod because the flags cannot pass the mounting frame. I used it for the 1st time on an assignement and I it was a pain in the... I think I will demount the bottom and the two side flags. Any other suggestions welcome.

  • I admit that I don't like how many pieces it has:

    LED Panel--> lemo connector --> Control Box --> XLR Cable --> Power Adaptor --> IEE Power Cable

    That's a lot of stuff that can go wrong/break/get lost/etc.

  • @_OZ many thanks for the hint. Due to the weight you need a quite solid stand. It has to be even more solid if you mount the light it as shown with the balance point outside the center of the stand.

  • absolutely! You don't want to do this with cheapo aluminum kit stands. A real light stand made from steel would do the trick, but they are a pain to move around if you aren't part of a bigger a crew.

    Alas, ain't no perfect solutions! ; )

    BTW, I just shot 3 days in a row with the LS1s and yes, it had the same issue for me: can't tilt down far with the barn doors if it's on a lightweight stand. Of course all of this gets even worse if you try to mount a softbox.

  • I have two 1x1 Felloni which I use when I travel by plane. Because of the weight the Aputure has to stay at home. It's not the lamp only but also the heavier stand which fills the case too fast.

  • Aputure LS 1s (daylight version), Measurement using CV600, Russian Lab processing


    Note that it is spot LS light, not very high CRI wide versions using planar leds.

    We cover spectrum, color temperature, and all modern color quality standards, including latest 2016 and 2017 years ones.

    Never select light based on just CRI number.

    Focus on TM30 and CIE 244 and look for color distortion and Rf values.

    LS 1s is good light, but it is worse measured Aputure light among new premium line if you won't fix attention on CRI. Light quality suitable for videos.


    Color temperature


    CRI color quality


    CQS color quality


    TLCI 2012


    TM30 color quality


    TM30 details



    All TM30 color samples Rf values


    CIE 244 2017



    800 x 409 - 53K
    730 x 507 - 61K
    723 x 457 - 56K
    752 x 561 - 60K
    800 x 481 - 59K
    800 x 329 - 42K
    458 x 461 - 32K
    800 x 270 - 61K
    793 x 372 - 36K
    510 x 506 - 41K
    717 x 559 - 48K
    800 x 451 - 33K