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Digital has finally matched Film..
  • Hey guy's I think Digital Cameras has finally matched Film. The camera that I'm specifically talking about is the Digital Bolex D16 check out the footage below I was amazed on the aesthetics, colors balanced, dynamic range. let me know your thoughts forum.
    Digital Bolex D16 Footage:

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  • Love the look, the grain is uniform and the colors have an authentic retro feel. Film stocks are far too diverse to be matched by any one camera but this certainly evokes a 16mm vibe.

  • It looks like video and is overpriced. Doesn't the black magic pocket do the same thing?

  • I admit that despite the trousers, on this shot me synapses went wow; not only colours the whole clay 's right on. Goon one TZ =)

  • @Tron You definitely see the same things that I'm seeing, you right about the Film stock. @Manicd I agree with you being overpriced.. $1500 - $2000 would of been better. Just curious what makes it look like video? to me it has a nice organic softness to it. Yeah the Blackmagic Pocket has a nice look to it, I use to own one it's a totally different look, the D16 aesthetics seems soo.. parallel to Film to me.

  • @maxr It gave me that same WOW factor even now I'm still on WOW mode. For the first time in all my years using, or looking @ Digital Camera footage I mean Arri Alexa, Sony F65, RED Dragon ect... I can safely say that I found the camera with the most filmic, or film like aesthetics out there.. didn't think that I would say that because I din't pay attention to the D16 thought it was just another camera boy was I wrong. I found my camera :) I know 4K, 8K 120fps - 240fps is the new thing but I don't mind 2k - 1080p is more than enough for me. The only upgrade I think they should strongly consider is adding 60fps or even 48fps that would be the icing on the cake.

  • @TrackZillas you crazy bratwurst always on the pursuit of beauty, how you dare?!!!
    It's not only the camera though, lenses, location, properties of light, grade and spirit.
    I bet my left ball you've got already all of those... and feminine friends/family/cats/dogs/colibris to shot... very old familiar who cannot escape are also good targets... anyway my earth reception's getting lost.
    I'm glad that you found the missing piece but let's try not to forget the most important one it's (thanks god) un-upgradable and stuck between our ears. Worship nothing, create your own gods - says the seagull :P

  • @maxr Very true lenses, lighting, grade ect.. plays a major part on your final image.

  • I think all 4k cameras can match film. The 4k arrives to avoid all moire and aliasing using full sensor readout or a sensor crop. So the final image depends on your gradind skills in post production and how to deal with focus and dynamic range in the location.

  • @apefos I understand where your coming from with 4k to eliminate moire and aliasing. Most definitely grading plays a major part on the final look, but each sensor has their own aesthetic.

  • @TrackZillas I agree, the image is fantastic -the colour and skin tones out of this thing are amazing, so much so that I have recently ordered one!. I think owners are now getting the hang of the colour space and camera, and so we are seeing so better footage emerging. Digital Bolex also just released a new firmware with updated colour matrices which fix a magenta highlight issue at iso 100 which should help, and I think are working on firmware for up to 32fps in 2K and 60fps in 720p.

    As far as value goes, I don't think its price is too bad -look at what you get 12 stops DR, RAW, global shutter, 512GB included storage, great battery, quality audio with XLR (+ phantom power), 12V out, changeable mount (currently c-mount, m4/3, PL ), no aliasing or moire -it is quite a complete package.

  • @mat33 Congrats about purchasing one, glad you seeing what I'm seeing as far as the image quality specially the colors like you said. WOW no way are you serious faster fps that would be awesome even 1080p 40fps would be adequate, 720p 60fps is also perfect I'll take that any day. What mount did you purchase?


  • @TrackZillas The 1080p cameras can match film also, but I think the ones that can do this are the ones which can do full sensor readout or the ones which have 1920x1080 pixels in the sensor. I remember the video from the HV20 camcorder with 35mm dof adapter and there was no moire and aliasing due to the sensor was 1920x1080. Unfortunately the dslr and mirrorless 1080p cameras shows some aliasing and moire due to pixel bining and line skiping... this is what makes them worse than film...

  • @TrackZillas I went for the m4/3 mount as I already have adapters/speedbooster for my contax zeiss, and its easier if you want to use some more modern glass.

  • @apefos - do you remember what 35mm dof adapters were being used? Thanks

  • @trackzillas , @maxr I had the same WOW feeling on the shots between 2:53 to 3:20, but on a lot of shots ( specially at 2:00) I felt it was very videoish with a filter on top. the wow punctum factor was the same I had with these ikonoskop footage 4 years ago

    and it's the same I sometimes have while watching my friend hvx200 footage (when it gets right) (all ccd). industry has gone since than on a terrible direction. It is definetelly a fallocentric ( more detail, 4k big dick etc) aesthetic problem. I liked some of what I saw out of the 5d markIII raw, you don't think, trackzillas, you can get a film look out of it? the lenses he's using also play a good part..

  • @ttancredi some like grey sunglasses, some green, some brown, some yellow and some polarised shades.
    I like that image of the boats too ;-)... even if it has an excess of green and also a pinch on the saturation


    I'm sold with the original consistency, but we can play though:
    orig / balanced / some other possible "after-crisis-sharp-mood" output :P

    From the SOOC still (1/2.3" sensor P&S) at the right to the left just sharpness mask, grain and the homebrew LUT attached below =)

      Same LUT used here with trusty old GH2. Not saying this is or is not cinematic, personally I don't need that sticker... just pointing out some of the consistent glue it can be achieved in post, regardless of cam used.
    Of course if we the clay is good it would be easier to build a cathedral... 4 our dog
  • I think the D16 has some of the same mojo the ikonoskop has, the CCD is from the same family, it was a pity it wasn't more of a success but I think that a lot of the quality stuff shot on it was intended for film festivals etc and so wasn't seen as widely as stuff posted on the web (and the price makes the D16 look like a bargin). I really liked these shot on the A-cam DII:

  • @apefos Right.. Right.. @mat33 Awesome.. the Ikonoshop footage sure do look a bit like Digital Bolex. When you get it don't forget to post some of your footage on here. @ttancredi Nice footage.. The ikonoshop a-cam sure is a very nice camera but it was way too.. expensive for most. Yeah CCD Sensor have something special, I believe the Sony F35 had a CCD Sensor as well the images out of it are very filmic as well. For sure the 5D III RAW Hack is really filmic that's the reason why I got it. I'm currently working on a couple Looks to achieve that true filmic look I'll post some footage real soon. @maxr great job on the different grades..

  • I think you will soon see a variety of cameras that have 15+ stops dynamic range and 4K or higher resolution , and at that point you could certainly make an argument that a certain type of parity will be achieved.

  • @mrbill I used the Apefos GEM which I developed, no vignetting, no chromatic aberration, 10 elements in 4 groups. I think there is video in vimeo about it... found:

  • I think the Bolex looks great, but still looks too 'clean' imo to match film.

  • @dlzn Just increase the amount of "grain" in post :o) I´m happy with what I can get with the Pocket and Magic Bullet Looks combo.

  • Bolex got the color a bit saturate and also the gamma look to be increase this gamma made the image look less flat .. yes it"s remember me also a 16mm print how was over exposed a little. ikonoskop got a nice image look and well made dissing for a documentaries camera except the viewfinder angle and the price to high for what you got. Bolex or Ikonoskop or the 2 of them should merger with Blackmagic.

  • @Samuel Blackmagic can just contract out for kodak CCDs if they want to go that route, but cmos is king now unless a new sensor technology arrives