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The GH2 Still Amazes
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  • @Shogothp Very nice short; really liked it. IMHO it could have ended at 2:00. I liked the balanca between pure experimentalism and a bit of narrative...

    also from some of your other footage, gh2+nikkor is still the best combo for beautiful footage...

    recently I was also very happy with the gh2 results on the interviews on this project. steadycam is with a 7d, rest is gh2. Not graded..

  • Thanks for comment ttancredi. And thank you for sharing you footage it's very nice video, I like the lighting of interviews and cuts with wide angle steadicam shots - I'm impressed that it's ungraded! The skin tones look very pleasing.

  • @Shotgothp Cool, took me back to Eraserhead. @ttancredi can you tell them we need the sauna back now!

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  • Recently used as a 4th cam on a national tv show when I needed to take a GH4 with me to the country.