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Sony A7s II 4K low light beast topic
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  • From Dan Chung:

  • Grading up a Sony A7SII test atm. First observation, Rolling shutter is just as bad 4K / Metabones with Canon lenses as the A7S and A7RII. The HD is just as good.... :-( Nice to have S Log 3 in my opinion at first glance its very close to grading V Log L on the GH4 as in using Slog3 gamutstoRec709 LUTs in Davinci are pretty similar to VLogtoRec709 results.

    A7SII recording 4K in camera completes 30mins of recording with ZERO overheating resulting in a single 21.6Gb file. 30 mins recording hit 47% battery life with lcd on :-)

    3837 x 2097 - 1M
    1772 x 994 - 318K
  • Hi Nick,

    I'm glad you've got the A7sII because you're somebody I can trust. When you get a chance, could you do some tests of the 50P/60P recording quality? Both in full frame and APS-C modes. Questions I would like to have answered are, does full frame 60P still do line skipping, and is the APSC 60P quality any different from the A7S. Thanks.

  • Hi @Ralph_B 120 fps HD is soft but better than 96fps on GH4 and Ill check out the 60p stuff shortly.

  • @driftwood I know that you are obviously gonna get lots of requests, but it would be really useful to see some well lit 120fps footage with and without crop. If the files could be downloaded even better. I'm really eager to see how sharp the footage really is in slow mo. Thanks.

  • we hope this time color will be better with s-log3 :)

  • Not that I can see @Ralph_B . Not much difference. However, I'll do some more slowmo stuff tomorrow as today's stuff was rushed 120/60 was a quick afterthought.

  • Thanks, Nick. Be sure to check full frame mode at 60P. This is the one area where I hope there would be an improvement. For comparison, shoot the same scene at HD 24P full frame. If Sony did make an improvement, the two should look the same regarding fine detail.

  • Quick test using VLogtoRec709 cube. Like V Log on the GH4, S-Log3 shares similar characteristics to the Cineon gamma. :-)

  • @driftwood have you tried the Cineon Film Contrast LUT from Impulz? It looks great with VLog.

  • I just got my a7s II and tested yesterday. A lot of little improvements, that make life easier and filming with it better, but I found a strange change to the a7s1. You can´t use aps-c mode with 4k anymore. I liked the lesser problems with rolling shutter and the ability to work with metabones adapters (with speedbooster and without). Ok if it doesn´t work with internal recording, there might be processing power reasons for this, but it doesn´t work with external recording on shogun either. With A7s1 it was no problem at all to use the aps-c crop mode on external 4k recording. You still can use aps-c crop but only in fullhd recordings. On the other hand I subjectively tend to follow some findings that I found in some review. On the a7s 2 fullframe recordings seem to be cleaner than aps-c crop recordings (which seems logical somehow) On the a7s 1 it was the other way round.

    Bottom line: If you work primarily with Metabones Adapter and canon glass recording externally to shogun, you might be better off sticking to the a7s 1. (the only glass that worked in fullframe mode with metabones EF nearly without vignetting are my zeiss zf primes) If you go with internal recording and sony glass, the a7s 2 has a lot of improvements (slog3, mount more stable for heavy lenses,rec button assignable, less noise and so on), nice handling(slog3,2 Lut inside, faster AF, better viewfinder especially when you wear glasses)

  • FWIW, you can't actually get 4K resolution out of aps-c mode on the original a7s. It's more like 2.7k that gets upscaled for 4K output.

  • Brighton / couple images Sony A7SII. Rich colour and fantastic in 14 bit RAW

    2768 x 1848 - 512K
    2768 x 1848 - 1M
  • I got my A7s2 yesterday- put on a Canon 70-200 f4 lens (IS off, AF off) via a metabones IV- and did a quick HD 60p handheld test for rolling shutter. No PP, no grading. If this is what the camera is capable off right out of the box with no sticks and no rig- it's much better than the original IMO.

  • @Ralph_B 1080HD 60p APS-C/Super35mm ON/OFF for your perusal in Slog3 Cine (PP8) + 4K 30p / 24p

    HD60p APS-C / Super35mm ON Link

    HD60p APS-C / Super35mm OFF

    4K 30p FF

    4K 24p FF

  • My A7sII should be here by Thursday. I am wondering how many "defaults" I need to turn off to use it on a TriPod for Video? Other than IBIS and WiFi are there others?

  • Assuming I end up picking up one of these new Sonys, I am having a lot of trouble deciding between the rII and sII. I use GH4s mostly with an A7s for low-light backup. I also take a lot of stills on the A7s, as I like the way it handles. Seems like the rII gives this greats stills functionality with great 4k (with speedbooster in crop mode), decent full frame 4k and also strong if not best in class low light. A7s is better low light, maybe no overheating full frame all the way...

  • Still mixed reports on overheating. One user said he ran the camera at 4K in 74 degree room for the life of the battery (1 hr 20 min) and it overheated twice.